Press Release
International exhibition in London in 2015
London is to host a European stamp exhibition in 2015, from 13 to 16 May. The venue will be the Business Design Centre in London's Islington, which proved so ideal for the highly successful London 2010 international stamp exhibition.
The exhibition, LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX, will be open all philatelic associations that are members of FEPA, the European Federation of Philatelic Associations. There will be a wide range of stand-holders, plus about 1,200 frames of competitive exhibits.
A Steering Committee has been established, chaired by Bill Hedley, with Frank Walton as Vice-Chairman. The Committee also includes Brian Trotter, who was Chairman of the London 2010 international stamp exhibition. The event has the support of the British Philatelic Trust.
Note to Editors:
London 2010 was a full-world international stamp exhibition. The event planned for 2015 will be a European exhibition, for which the competitive exhibits will come from collectors who are members of philatelic associations affiliated to FEPA. The stand-holders and visitors will naturally be welcome from all parts of the world.
The exhibition is being organised under the aegis of Stamp World Exhibitions, a company established to organise Stamp World London 90, and which was involved with both The Stamp Show 2000 and London 2010.
It is fully anticipated that LONDON 2015 EUROPHILEX will receive both FEPA patronage and FIP recognition.
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September 2011