71st FIP Congress in Lisbon

After the elections at the 71st FIP Congress in Lisbon, Sunday 10th October 2010 - the members of the FIP Board are:
Tay, Peng Hian -        President
Surajit Gongvatana - Vice President
Peter McCann -          Vice president
Jussi Tuori -               Vice President
Bernard Beston -       Director
Paulo Gomelli -           Director
Bernard Jimenez -      Director
Change of FIP Statues.
The folloving motions passed the Congress:

Article 24.2 - this article was abolished.
Article 30.4 - the wording of this article were changed to:
All Continental Federations are to be represented on the FIP Board by a minimum of one Vice President and one Director.
Open Class:
The Open Class stays another 2 year as an Experimental Class.