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February 2016
     FEPANews: Issue 28 is out!
January 2016
     News: New Board of the ZSF – Union of Philatelists of Slovakia
     News: Considerations on the "3rd Continental Philatelic Exhibition" in Cairo
     News: Great promotion of Philately in Cairo at the “3rd Continental Exhibition” with FEPA Recognition
     News: January 2016 Newsletter from the FIP Postal Stationery Commission
     FEPA Calendar: Many new exhibitions added!
December 2015
     News: 90th Anniversary of the philatelic society of Sofia "P. Karaivanov"
     News: FEPA Recognition to the 3rd Int'l Philatelic Exhibition ODESSAPHILEX 2016
     News: European Parliament - Cyprus stamps youth competition
     News: Fédération Royale des Cercles Philatéliques de Belgique 125 years!
     News: FEPA AWARDS: Calling for Candidates!
     News: Minutes of the 2015 FEPA Congress
     News: MonacoPhil 2015 attracted more visitors than ever
     News: The Italian Federation has a new Board
     News: Vincent Schouberechts, new Editor for the FFE Journal
     News: Berlin will host FEPA Recognized international exhibition ROSSICA 2016
     News: KAUNAS 2015: a succesful exhibition
     News: FEPA Recognition to the international exhibition EUROSPACE 2016 in Prague
     News: News board of the Turkish Federation
     News: Granted the FEPA Recognition to the international exhibition NORDIA 2016
     News: FEPA Recognition to the Spanish National Exhibition with International participation EXFILNA 2016
     News: "The 3rd Philatelic Exhibition" at Cairo receives the FEPA Recognition
November 2015
     News: What a lesson in organizing philatelic exhibitions: NOTOS 2015
     News: Video of the Palmares ceremony of NOTOS 2015
     News: Advance of the incredible succesful NOTOS 2015: the whole Palmares
     News: All the institutions behind an Exhibition "Veliko Tarnovo 2015"
     FEPA Events added
     Sharing best practices: New articles added
     FEPA Calendar cleaned, past exhibitons moved to the archive
     Front page: News archive now available at the end of the pane
     Front page: Name of the right pane changed to FEPA Events
     News: Outstanding support to philately from H.M. King Simeon of Bulgaria
     News: Trakoscan, educational center of youth philately in Croatia
October 2015
     News: New Federation Board in Austria
     News: SILFI 2015: A very enjoyable exhibition
     News: Francis Kiddle has died this morning
     News: 3rd FEPA International Jury Seminar Budapest
     News: Autumn STAMPEX 2015
     News: The President of Italy opens exhibition
     News: FEPA Patronage to Finlandia 2017 signed
     News: New Board of the Croatian Philatelic Federation
September 2015
     News: Post stamps at the Children's University in Slovakia
     News: October philately in Florence and Rome
     News: Maximaphily of high level at SIBIUMAX 2015
     News: A great philatelist has passed away : Teddy Dahinden
     News: Succesful FEPA Exhibition "GMUNDEN 2015"
     Calendar: New exhibitions added
     FEPA Awards: Updated guidelines are now available
     FEPA News No 27: All articles of the electronic version are now available
     News: NOTOS 2015 latest news: newsletter from the 31st of August
August 2015
     News: Winners of Singapore Grand Prix's
     News: New FEPA exhibition in Portugal: Lubrapex 2016 gets FEPA Support
     News: More FEPA Exhibitions: "Gmunden 2016" gets FEPA Recognition
     Calendar: New exhibitions added
     News: Hirtenberg 2017 receives the FEPA Recognition
July 2015
     News: The latest issue of FEPA News magazine
     News: Signature of the contract of FEPA Patronage to NOTOS 2015
June 2015
     News: Great progress of philately in Egypt
     News: Claude Désarménien re-elected President of the FFAP
     News: BELPHILA-2015
     News: Phila-France 2015 MÂCON
     News: New Board of Directors for Norway
     News: London 2015 Europhilex seen for myself
     News: Meeting and display of the Académie Européenne de Philatélie
     News: FEPA Board meeting in London
     News: FEPA Seminars in London 2015
May 2015
     News: London 2015 EUROPHILEX
     FEPA Calendar: New exhibitions added
     News: ECTP 2015 great success
     News: NOTOS 2015. The exhibition is growing: 36 countries will participate
April 2015
     News: The Netherlands Brievenbeurs "Cover Fair" 2015
     FEPA Calendar: New exhibitions added
     News: Finlandia 2017 Bulletin #1 is out
     News: Alan Huggins view of the present situation of philately
     News: Croatica 2015 
     News: Çanakkale 2015
     News: 3rd international jury seminar in Budapest
March 2015
     News: 1st international exhibition of picture postcards Ettelbruck 2015
     News: EXFILNA 2015
     News: Board of the Luxembourg Federation
     News: New board of the Spanish Federation
     News: New RDPs to sign the Roll 
     News: The DFH Philatelic "Open University"
     News: Best practice in Croatia
     News: FEPA Board decisions
     News: Gmunden 2015 receives the FEPA recognition
February 2015
     News: Granted FEPA awards
     News: Spring Stampex 2015
     FEPA News Magazine: The electronic version is here
     News: FEPANews 26 is out
     News: FEPA congress 2015 will be held inAthens
January 2015
     News: NOTOS 2015 latest news
     News: Outstanding book of the Romanian Philatelic Federation
     News: More sad news: Enrico Veschi
     News: Obituary notice: Ladislav Dvořáček
     FEPA Calendar: One new exhibition: Croatia 2015
     News: Great success of EGYPT 2015
     FEPA Family: New President of Switzerland
     News: Lesson of maximaphily
     FEPA Calendar: Two new exhibitions added
December 2014
     News: January 2015 Newsletter of the Postal Stationery Commission
     News: Happy new year
     News: Postal history outstanding activity in Europe
     News: Monacophil 2015 FEPA international exhibition
     News: The promised innovations of the international exhibition NOTOS 2015
     News: Succesful Nordia 2014 exhibition
     FEPA Family: New President of Iceland
     Calendar: Many new exhibitions!
     News: Official stamp for a member of FIP Comission
     Calendar: Updated, Nordia 2016 added
     News: Complete palmares of the Malaysia 2014 exhibition
November 2014
     News: H.M. King Simeon II awards five philatelists
     News: Bulgarian souvenir sheet FEPA 25
     News: Bulcollecto 2014
     News: Bulletin of Çanakkale 2015
     News: Agreement of collaboration Croatia-Spain
     News: New President of the Association of Collectors of Albania
     News: Palmares of Rossica 2014
     News: New Board for the Swiss Federation
October 2014
     News: FINLANDIA 2017 got FEPA Patronage at Lugano
     FEPA Family: New President of Ukraine
     News: New President of Ukraine
     News: Minutes of the 2014 FEPA Congress
     News: Complete Palmares of the Alpe-Adria 2014
     News: The FEPA flag goes to Berlin for the jury seminar
     Calendar of the past and future exhibitions and other events has been reorganized
     News: Homage to the FEPA Honorary Presidents
     News: Certificates of gratitude to FEPA Federations
September 2014
     News: Prize ceremony at the FEPA Congress 2014
     News: Project for renewing aerophilately class regulations
     News: NOTOS 2015 patronage granted
     Presentation about Finlandia 2017 added to the calendar
     FEPA Family: New address for Portugal
     FEPANews No 25 now downloadable in one single file
     News: FEPA Congress 2014
     FINLANDIA 2017 added to the calendar on the front page
     News: New Slovenian FEPA stamp commemorates the 25th anniversary
     NOTOS 2015 added to the calendar on the front page
     New board for the Danish Federation