Candidates to the 2009 FEPA Awards.

The folloving information has been distributed by e-mail to al member Federations:
"Dear President,
I am pleased to send you the Regulations and Procedures for the 2009 FEPA Medal, Awards and Certificates of Appreciation .

Kindly note that the nominations should reach me not later than 15 December 2009.

Please do not send any book until the Board has made the first selection. Just fill the proposal in detail as explained in the attached paper.

In case you send me nominations via regular post please send me also an e-mail with a scan of the proposals and the related form for the certificates. This way we could reduce the risk of missing an answer due to the heavy postal traffic before Christmas.

Yours sincerely,

Giancarlo Morolli
FEPA Director"
Click here to read the procedures to be follow for nomination of candidates for the FEPA Medal and the Certificates of Appreciation.