January 2015 Newsletter of the Postal Stationery Commission

 Postal Stationery Commission Newsletter
Lars Engelbrecht
Dear friends,
Since the last newsletter in May 2014, we have had   a   commission   meeting   in   Korea.   35 attended the meeting that also was a seminar with training in judging of three different exhibits. And finally our Hong Kong delegate Malcolm Hammersley gave us an excellent presentation on Hong Kong Aerogrammes. The feedback on the meeting was very positive. Please read the minutes from the meeting on page 3-5
In Korea a meeting was held between the Commission Chairmen and the FIP Board. At this meeting the Postal Stationery Commission suggested that FIP initiates training for Jury Team Leaders from all classes, and I was asked to make a suggestion for this training. I hope the training will be taken place in the near future.
As usual we welcome both new jurors and new delegates to the commission. Please read about this on the next page in the message from our secretary Ian McMahon. Let me here thank Michael Ho for his contribution to the CommissionandtheBureau.Michaelhasbeen a  very  active  member,  and  is  now  stepping down as delegate for Chinese Taipei and is handing over to Chen Yu-An. Chen is a well- known exhibitor of China postal stationery, and he even won the Grand Prix International at the FIAPexhibitionMalaysia2014.Itisgreatto seethatreallygoodpostalstationeryexhibits can win international grand prix’s. Congratulations!

In October I had - together with our FIP Board representativeBernieBeston-theopportunity to visit the FIAF exhibition in Santiago, Chile. FIAF has a commission for postal stationery led byourSpanishdelegateArturoFerrer,andhe led four meetings on postal stationery during the exhibition. Please read more about these meetings on page 8.
In this newsletter you will also find an article on how to give good feedback to exhibitors. I have had the opportunity to follow a couple of postal stationery jury teams during the feedback to exhibitors, and I believe that we can do much better in the feedback we give to postal stationery exhibitors. Please read the article on page 6 - and if you have other or additional experiences  that  you  would  like  to  share  - please write to me, and we will have it in the next newsletter.
I  am  looking  forward  to  seeing  you  all  in Singapore!
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