FEPA Award winners 2018

 The recipients of the FEPA awards are:

FEPA Medal 2017 for exceptional service to organised philately: Ivan LIBRIC (Croatia)


FEPA Medal 2017 for exceptional support to organised philately: Raul MOREIRA (Portugal)


FEPA Medal 2017 for exceptional philatelic study and research: Brian TROTTER (Great Britain)


for “Southern African Mails, Routes, Rates and Regulations 1806 – 1916”, published by the Royal Philatelic Society London, 2016.

A Certificate has been awarded to the other finalists (listed in alphabetical order of the country):

  • Wolfgang Maaβen (Germany), for
    The mysterious Philip von Ferrari, Philatelist, Philanthrope and Cosmopolite
  • John Daes (Greece), for
    The Hellenic Postal Rates 1828-1875
  • Gudlin Tamás and Csatlós Árpádné (Hungary), for
    Cancellation of letter-collecting agencies, postal agencies and branch offices in Hungary (1788–2014)
  • Emanuele M. Gabbini (Italy), for
    Postal Parcels
  • Vasile Doros (Romania), for
    Impressionism, fascination and colour
  • Aranaz, Garcia Fernandez, Gómez-Aguero, Iglesias, Ordonez and Panés (Spain), for
    Illustrated Philatelic Dictionary

FEPA Certificate of Appreciation 2017 for outstanding activities for the promotion of philately:

  • International Estonian Philatelic Society (REFS) "Estonia" (Estonia)
  • Briefmarkensammlerverein Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Germany)
  • The Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain (Great Britain)
  • Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare (Italy)


Press releases, photos and logos can be downloaded here:


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