Granted the FEPA PATRONAGE to "NOTOS 2021 - European Philatelic Exhibition"

Granted the FEPA PATRONAGE to
"NOTOS 2021 - European Philatelic Exhibition"


Once is not enough!
We salute the philatelists of Europe


invite them to Athens in 2021

The main features of "Notos 2021- European Philatelic Exhibition" are:
i.            Context:
      A five-days event in Athens, Greece
                                              2000 16-page frames
                                            Rich Philatelic Literature
    All FIand FEPA Competitive and Experimental Classes
      "Classe des Champions" for distinguished exhibits
ii.            Highexhibitionstandards:
                                    FEPA patronage
                 AIJP patronage (pending)
                                   FIP recognition  (pending)
                    •  100% FIP or FEPA accredited Jury
                                  Expert Team
iii.             Expected participation:
      Open to all FEPA members with Commissioners'privileges
      Open to all World with exhibits related to Europe
                   •      Open to all World with Philatelic Literature exhibits
iv.            Venue:
                                             Peristeri Exhibition Centre
      Total footprint: 7,000 m2
                   •      Spacious surrounding gardens with free parking
      3 minutes walk from Anthoupoli metro station
      13 minutes metro ridef rom the Athens city centre
                   •      Same venue that hosted "Notos 2015"
   v.             Manpower:
      Same basic team involved in "Notos 2015"
      Devoted qualified volunteers
      •       Supported by the Hellenic Philatelic Society
vi.             Exhibitors'benefits:
      Very low frame or Philatelic Literature entry fees
      •       One copy only for Philatelic Literature exhibits
vii.             Reasonable budget:
       Expected not to exceed 90,000 euros
       Free-of-rent exhibition hall
       Many hundreds of man-hours contribution
      "NO" to unnecessary pomp and circumstance
      "NO" to superfluous glamour and related costs
      We have saiiin 2015, so we say it again:"This should not be an-one-time project"
viii.             Minor deviations from GREX and FREGEX:
      "NO" to unnecessary paper publications or any unnecessary form of printings...
...but "YES" to a continuously updated and well maintained website
      "NO" to exhibitors'medals...
...but" YES" to exhibitor'certificates, SPs and GPs as per GREX and FREGEX
      "NO" to the daily remuneration to National Commissioners...
...but "YES" to all their other privileges as per GREX and FREGEX
"Notos 2021-European Philatelic Exhibition" is designed to be an exhibition of the highest standards.
At the same time, he Organizing Committee and the Hellenic Philatelic Federation have also kindly invite to host the 2021 FEPA Congress. 


The exhibition website is already up and running: