¨phila” – Toscana International Exhibition with FEPA Recognition: The complete Program


The Exhibition´s logo, he Toscana Congress, that will host the event and the logo of the Gmunden Club


¨phila” – Toscana International Exhibition with FEPA Recognition


The FEPA Board received the request of the Austrian Federation, Verband Österreichischer Philatelisten-Vereine, to change the name of the Exhibition to be held from the 23 to the 26 August 2018. Instead of “Gmunden 2018” will be called ¨phila” – Toscana.

Gmunden was already the first European city hosting for three consecutive years a FEPA Exhibition. Now this record with be extended to four FEPA Exhibitions in a row.

After the sad news of passing away of Mr. Reinhard Neumayr, Mr. Horst Horin is the new Chairman of the Briefmarken- Und Münzensammlerverein  Gmunden


Exhibition main points:

Stamp exhibition of all competition classes

Special exhibition "100 years of the Republic"

Special post offices and postal administrations

First Day Stamp Block: Historic Post Cars

International dealer exchange




Full information at : http://www.bmsv-gmunden.at