27th FEPA Congress - Opatija in Croatia


FEPA Congress in Opatija 16 April 2011 10.00 a.m.

Dear Presidents
It is a pleasure for me to send you this letter with the agenda and all documents related to the items on the agenda.
Beside this introductory letter the documents are the following:
  1. Convocation including agenda
  2. Report 2010, president Jørgensen
  3. Report 2010, vice president Moreno
  4. Report 2010, secretary Bracic
  5. Report 2010, director Vanicek
  6. Report 2010, director Morolli
  7. Report 2010, treasurer Kraner
  8. Financial Statements 2010 including budget 2011 and 2012
  9. Report of the Auditor Horin

10. Form for Registration of Congress Delegates

  1. FEPA Awards – Press release
For FEPA it is extremely important that all Member-Federations are present at the Congress personally or by proxy.
The exhibition “ALPE-ADRIA 2011 OPATIJA” will be in Hotel Kvarner and Art Pavilion “Sporer”
The FEPA Congress will be at Villa Angiolina. http://www.opatija.net/zanimljivosti.asp?id=1
Hotel Mozart www.hotel-mozart.hr  is nominated to be “The official hotel”. Further hotels are listed in FEPA NEWS no 18 page 56.
More information is available from www.hfs-cpf.hr/alpeadria2011.hr  
How to reach Opatija. Please don't forget to inform the organizers  - e-mail: hfs_cphf@yahoo.com or ilibric@yahoo.com - if you are interested in the Shuttle Bus service from and to Zagreb Airport. 
Palmares will be in Golden Hall of the Hotel Imperial – 50 meters away from Hotel Mozart. Tickets are available at the exhibition for 45 EUR. 
FEPA Thematic Seminar on Sunday 17 April 10 a.m. in Villa Angiolina.
The seminar that will be conducted by José-Ramon Moreno with the collaboration of Giancarlo Morolli is open to all. 
If any questions - then please contact me immediately.
I am looking forward seeing you in Opatija.
Best wishes
Jørgen Jørgensen