FEPA Congress in Antwerp 11 April 2010

FEPA Congress in Antwerp 11 April 2010 14.00 o‘clock

Read the Minutes of the Congress here.

Congress papers distributed to all member federations before the Congress:

  1. Convocation including agenda
  2. Report 2009, president Jørgensen
  3. Report 2009, vice president Moreno
  4. Report 2009, secretary Bracic
  5. Report 2009, director Vanicek – Best Practices
  6. Report 2009, director Vanicek – Postal History
  7. Report 2009, director Morolli – FEPA AWARDS
  8. Report 2009, director Morolli – Philatelic seminar and Exhibitions
  9. Report 2009, Treasurer Kraner
  10. Financial Statements 2009 including budget 2011
  11. Report of the Auditor Horin
  12. Form for Registration of Congress Delegates
  13. Pereira FIP Candidature
  14. Pereira FIP Candidature – CV
  15. Rangos FIP Candidature
  16. Rangos FIP Candidature – CV

Don’t forget the …

Philatelic Meeting on Monday 12 April 10 o’clock

At the previous Congress’ in Vienna and in Essen we discussed to combine the annual Congress with a Philatelic Meeting. In Antwerp this meeting will be held on Monday 12 April – the last day of the exhibition. The Federations are free to invite collectors interested in attending these meeting – so please make sure that your Federation will be represented at this hopefully first in a sequence of Philatelic Meetings.

In the second part of Director Morolli’s report that covers “the philatelic meeting on Monday” and “exhibitions” are information that can’t be release for the time being. This report will be send to you as soon as possible.

If any questions – then please contact me immediately.

I am looking forward seeing you in Antwerp.

Best wishes

Jørgen Jørgensen