Atlantic Alpen-Adria: Pedro Vaz Pereira winner of the Grand Prix Championship and Manuel Domenech Lima Torres of the Competition Grand Prix

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The fantastic Cultural Center of Viana do Castelo and the Posters marketing the exhibition

From the 1st to the 6th of October was held the International Exhibition with FEPA Recognition at the Cultural Center of Viana do Castelo, In Portugal. Participated exhibitors from the Federations of Portugal, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia.  The winner of the Grand Prix of the Championship Class was Pedro Vaz Pereira with his exhibit “Carimbos Nominativos não datados usados no Periodo Adesivo”. The Exhibition Grand Prix was for Manuel Domenech Lima Torres with his exhibit “Portuguese Prephilately”. The level of the exhibition was extremely high as shown in the whole Palmares that is enclosed.


 Views of the Exhibition


The Jury at work. From left to right: Bento Dias, György Lövey, Igor Pirc, Ivan Libric, Alessandro Agostossi, Rui Alves, György Lövey and Antonio Cristóvao

Commissionners and Jurors excursion to the Montedor’s lighthouse


Some of the few who climbed to the top of the lighthouse once scaled up 198 very narrow and high steps: Peter Suhadolc, Mrs Suhadolc, Igor Pirc, Mrs Pirc, Ivan Libric, Mrs Libric, Ivan Martinas, Mrs Martinas and Jose Ramón Moreno, amongst others


Visit to the archaelogical excavations of the fortification of the Mount of Santa Luzía, from the Iron Age and break for refrechments at the beautiful “Pousada”

FEPA President, José Ramón Moreno with the President of the local Association Vale de Neiva, Jose Manuel Pereira and other members and volunteers.

Presentation of the special issues and postmarks. From left: Pedro Vaz Pereira, the Director of the Portuguese Post, Ms María Jose Guerreiro, Deputy Mayor of Viana Do Castelo and Jose Ramon Moreno

Palmares dinner in presence of the Mayor of the City, Eng. Jose Maria Costa

The President of the Portuguese Federation of Philately, Pedro Vaz Pereira presented the Grand Prix of the Exhibition to Manuel Domenech Lima Torres for his exhibit “Portuguese Prephilately”

The Mayor of the City of Viana do Castelo, Eng. Jose Maria Costa, presented the Grand Prix of the Championship Class to Pedro Vaz Pereira for his exhibit “Carimbos Nominativos não datados usados no Periodo Adesivo”. Also in the photo the Secretary of the Jury, Joao Soeiro and the President of the Jury, Júlio Maia

Mr. Vaz Pereira speech, closing this successful philatelic event


It was a great exhibition of what more details will be published soon.

Here you have the whole Palmares:

PALMARÉS- Alpen-Adria2019 – FINAL