FEPA Awards as defined by Statutes


FEPA medal

Article 21.4 provides the following:

FEPA Medal shall be awarded by the Board to candidates who have given exceptional service to organized philately or have demonstrated exceptional philatelic study and research or to persons who have given a significant service or support to philately.


Certificate of appreciation

Articles 21.5 – 21.7 provide the following:

21.5 FEPA Certificate of Appreciation may be presented to Philatelic Associations or Clubs for outstanding activities for the promotion of philately on regional or local level.

21.6 The award of the Certificate of Appreciation may be proposed by a member Federation or by the Board six months before the date of presentation.

21.7 The Certificate of Appreciation shall be presented at a suitable occasion to the Association or Club to be honored, by a Member of the FEPA Board or by the President of the national Federation.

The following Regulations establish the procedure to be followed for the FEPA Medal and the Certificate of Appreciation Award.


FEPA awards regulations
  1. The national Federations-members of FEPA or the FEPA Board members may submit nominations of European candidates for the three categories of FEPA Medal and the Certificate of Appreciation. The nominations should be accompanied by an adequate statement of the status and qualifications of the candidate together with a photo and the candidate’s consent.
  2. Nominations should be submitted to the FEPA Director responsible for Literature and Awards, 1st December latest of each year.
  3. The entire file of candidates together with the Director’s proposals are submitted to the FEPA Board who decide and awards the Medals and Certificates of the year.
  4. The FEPA medals are presented at the FEPA Congress of the next year.
  5. The Certificate of Appreciation in the form of an appropriate Diploma is presented next year at a suitable national occasion by a FEPA Board member or the President of the national Federation.
  6. No more than one medal per category of FEPA medals or three Certificates of Appreciation may be awarded each given year.
  7. The FEPA Board will be given the appropriate publicity to the awards (FEPA website, FEPA News magazine and press releases) and the responsible FEPA Director is entrusted with the keeping of the Awards records.
  8. The present Regulations were approved by the FEPA Board on 29 January 2005 in Lisbon and are put immediately in force.