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Latest News from the Federation of European Philatelic Associations


Sweden: Three new recipients of the Strandell Medal

At the Swedish Philatelic Federation Congress, held in Täby on 14 May, the Strandell Medal was awarded to three recipients, as earlier award ceremonies were postponed due to the pandemic. Strandellmedalj 51: Christer Brunström. A frequent…
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Philamovie: A great innovative idea by HELVETIA 2022

In order to promote philately among the younger ages, HELVETIA 2022 organisers launched “Philamovie”, a video competition with a philatelic theme. Participation was open to young people under thirty and the only limits set were 300 MB file…

Michael Cortese and Charles Epting interview philatelists around the world

Michael Cortese Co-owner and Executive Vice President of NobleSpirit and Charles Epting CEO of H.R. Harmer interview philatelists around the world; collectors, dealers, exhibitors, enthusiasts, and researchers. The "Episodes" or "Conversations…

A call for Philatelic Literature exhibits by the AIJP President

Promoting and supporting Philatelic Literature has been one of FEPA's principal objectives. Wolgang Maassen, President of AIJP, the International Association of Philatelic Journalists, called yesterday its members to participate with their Literature…

Italian conference: protection of the heritage of postal history

On 28 January 2022, at the Sala Zuccari of Palazzo Giustiniani (residence of the President of the Senate), Rome, an important conference took place among governmental officials and postal historians. It was titled "Public and private allies…

The Italian National LATINPHIL 2022 in Cisterna di Latina

During the weekend 6-8 May, LATINPHIL 2022 took place at the Museo Piana delle Orme, in the town Cisterna di Latina near Rome, organised by the Italian National Federation and the Circolo Filatelico Tres Tabernae. The exhibition was divided…

FIP clarifies regulations for LV and LG exhibits

The International Philatelic Federation (FIP) clarified yesterday on its website a few points for exhibits that had achieved Large Vermeil or Large Gold medals. This announcement is dated April 2019, however it is very important, as it seems…

Young philatelists to meet at IBRA 2023

Dittmar Wöhlert of the Deutsche Philatelisten-Jugend e.V. has sent us their latest press release: Within the framework of IBRA 2023 in Essen, the German Philatelic Youth will hold a youth meeting from 26 to 29 May 2023 (Whit Monday). All young…

Romania: CANNIS 2022 for the centenary of the Canine Association

On the occasion of the CANNIS 2022 exhibition in Romania, Victor Iordache, acting President of the Philatelic Federation of Romania, and Marius Muntean, President of the Timişoara Philatelic Association, have sent us the details of the three-day…
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Belgium: ANTVERPIA 2022 is getting ready for 10-12 June

ANTVERPIA 2022, the National Philatelic Exhibition in Belgium will take place at the Antwerp Expo, Antwerp, between 10-12 June. In addition to the regular competition classes, there will be 8 exhibits in the Championship Class, 5 exhibits in…

Opus XXII dedicated to Switzerland

Opus XXII is dedicated to Switzerland. This year's big book of the European Academy of Philately (AEP) has been published in time for its official presentation, which will take place in Lugano, on the occasion of HELVETIA 2022. The 226-page…

Post Europ changes 2023 Europa theme in favour of Ukraine

We've picked up the story from Linn's Stamp News, and we copy the official announcement from the PostEurop website: Following the decision of the Extraordinary PostEurop Board of Directors meeting held on 25 April 2022, the 2023 EUROPA Stamp…
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HELVETIA 2022 Exhibition Catalogue and Jury uploaded

As we are getting closer to the grand opening of HELVETIA 2022 World Stamp Exhibition, the organisers uploaded an elegant and comprehensive 200-page-plus Exhibition Catalogue. At the same time, they uploaded the composition of the Jury. A Public…
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MONACOPHIL 2022 postage stamp was released today

The Monaco Post Office released a postage stamp today to remind us of the upcoming MONACOPHIL 2022 next November. Since 2009, Monacophil has been established as the event of the year, every two years, on odd years. Because of its postponement…

Latest FEPA Seminars have been uploaded on the website

The development of the FEPA website has become one of the Board's principal priorities. As an ongoing procedure, new pages are added from time to time and older pages are continuously updated in order to maintain a website worth visiting regularly. A…

The “World of Stamps” is travelling around Spain

The week following Easter, a travelling exhibition reached the city of Ourense in the autonomous community of Galicia, Spain, organised by the Spanish Federation (FESOFI) and sponsored by the Spanish Post (Correos). It has toured Spain since…
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HELVETIA 2022: The exhibition programme is now online

HELVETIA 2022 is only a couple of weeks away. The full programme has been uploaded on the exhibition website. The 2000-frames plus 100-literature items world stamp exhibition will take place in Centro Esposizioni Lugano, between 18 and 22 May,…

PARIS-PHILEX 2022 at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles

PARIS-PHILEX 2022 will take place in Hall 5.1, at the Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles, from 23 to 25 June. The exhibition is organised by CNEP (Chambre syndicale des Experts et Négociants en Philatélie), FFAP (Fédération Française des…

Spain: Two prominent researchers receive the Civil Order of Postal Merit

Two renowned philatelists from Spain, both exceptional researchers, Fernando Aranaz del Río and Eugenio de Quesada, have been awarded with the Medal of the Civil Order of Postal Merit (la Placa de la Orden Civil al Mérito Postal), which will…

STAMPA 2022 in Dublin celebrates Centenary of Irish stamps

The STAMPA 2022 Organisers sent out a Newsletter yesterday to announce that the National Irish National Exhibition will be back in October 2022: 2022 marks 100 Years of Irish Postage Stamps and also 50 years of STAMPA. It also marks the…
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HUNFILEX 2022 exhibition photos are now online

If you haven't visited Budapest and HUNFILEX 2022, here is your chance to take a peek at the exhibition. One hundred or so photographs have been uploaded on the Facebook account of Mabéosz, the Hungarian Philatelic Federation. Here is the…
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LIBEREC 2022 latest Newsletter: Preparations are under way

We received the latest Newsletter from LIBEREC 2022 Organising Committee with a lot of details in: Applications for participation The FEPA Congress 2022 Availability of rooms for lectures and seminars Accommodation for visitors,…

Ulm becomes the location of the former Sindelfingen Stamp Fair

The 37th International Stamp Fair in 2019 at the Sindelfingen Exhibition Centre was the last. Two years of the pandemic and the subsequent change of ownership of the Exhibition Hall has forced the organisers to seek another location. The new…

Joint session of the French and the Belgian Philatelic Academies

On Saturday 9 April, in Hotel Amigo, Brussels, members of Académie royale de philatélie de Belgique and Académie de philatélie (Paris) met for a joint session. Keynote speakers: Jean-François Brun, "La troisième dimension" Dominique Hardy,…

FEPA Awards 2021 – Deadline for nomination is approaching!

Member federations are reminded to submit nominations for the FEPA Medals  as well as for the Certificates of Appreciation. They should reach Vice President Giancarlo Morolli at latest by 23 April 2022. For 2022, the FEPA medal 2021 for exceptional…

ALPEN-ADRIA PHILATELIE 2022 and BIRDPEX 9 in Gmunden, Austria

The ALPEN-ADRIA PHILATELIE 2022 Multinational Exhibition will be held in Kongresshaus Toscana, Gmunden, Austria, from 26 to 28 August. All philatelic classes will be represented. Seven countries will participate with National Commissioners:…

Vote for your favourite music stamp of 2021

We read on the BDPh website that the Motivgruppe Musik eV (International Philatelic Music Study Group) invites stamp collectors from all over the world to vote for the most beautiful stamp of 2021 related to music. The members of the Motivgruppe…
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HELVETIA 2022 second miniature sheet to be released

On 5th May, the Swiss Post will release a second miniature sheet to promote HELVETIA 2022 World Stamp Exhibition, with central theme the Seated Helvetia, who is honoured on her 160th anniversary. The designer added perforation to one vertical…

Postmaster for five months in Antarctica? A lifetime experience!

Right from BBC News (yesterday): A British charity (the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust) is searching for people to spend five months in Antarctica, to run the world's most remote post office.  Candidates are required to have good level of physical…
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INDONESIA 2022 revised IREX and applications now online

If you visit INDONESIA 2022 website today you will find the most critical information: The National Commissioners page, the newly revised IREX (2 April), the application forms for participation and the deadlines to observe, among which: 25 April…

Statement by the FEPA Board regarding the conflict in Ukraine

The FEPA Board met on 2 March 2022 to consider its position regarding the conflict in Ukraine initiated by the Russian Federation and Belarus.

It has agreed the following points:

  1. FEPA is a non-political organisation dedicated to promoting cooperation between its Members in the belief that philately brings people together. It does not exercise control over its Members or organise events independently of them, and its function is purely advisory.
  2. However, FEPA exists to coordinate and represent the views of its Members and consequently the Board feels compelled to express the overwhelming sense of horror and dismay among its Members at the truly exceptional situation created by the aggressive actions currently underway in Ukraine. It offers its deepest sympathy to all the victims of this conflict.
  3. Decisions on suspension or termination of membership can only be made by the FEPA Congress. However, the Board can make recommendations to its Members on immediate actions they should consider to demonstrate their determination that the aggression in Ukraine is not acceptable.
  4. The Board’s recommendation to its Members is that they should not permit participation from Russia and Belarus of any kind in their philatelic events for the foreseeable future.
  5. The Board regrets deeply that this may disadvantage philatelists in Russia and Belarus, but it is clear that FEPA cannot appear in any way to condone the aggressive actions in Ukraine.
  6. The Board will keep the position under close review in the light of events.

Igor Pirc
Secretary General
3 March 2022


The next major event is Helvetia 2022 in Lugano, 18-22 May 2022. Latest news can be found here.

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