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Latest News from the Federation of European Philatelic Associations

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PARIS PHILEX 2022 …et nombreux visiteurs !

Thursday 23 June: PARIS PHILEX 2022, end of day 1. The FFAP Twitter account reports 1/3 of the Lego stamp completed (45.000 Lego pieces will be needed), 4 conferences, 1 inauguration, many exhibits to be admired and many visitors! [photos credit:…

BRATISLAVA 2023 from the Union of Slovak Philatelists

The Chairman of the Union of Slovak Philatelists, Pavol Lazar, sent us the following communication for the FEPA News readers: On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic, the Union of Slovak…

Francesco Tulli, Italian stamp designer, passed away

Vaccari news reported on 20 June the passing away of Francesco Tulli, a tireless artist and stamp designer, who worked at the Istituto poligrafico e zecca dello stato (translated freely as National Printing House and State Mint) between 1952…
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A great programme for PARIS PHILEX 2022 visitors

We read on the French Federation (FFAP) website that after an interruption in 2020 for health reasons, La Poste, the FFAP, the CNEP and the ADPhile have joined forces to organise, from 23 to 26 June, the PARIS-PHILEX 2022 exhibition at the Parc…

Priceless moments on Father’s Day!

Copied from the FB account of the Hellenic Philatelic Society: Moments: Cases like these, where you want to say more; not to let them end. It was only recently that we received a message. A lady asked to offer a complete set of "Philotelia"…

2nd International Congress in Postal History, Prato, Italy

The Institute of Postal History Studies (Istituto di studi storici postali) “Aldo Cecchi”, in Prato, Italy, is getting ready for its 2nd International Congress in Postal History, which will take place from 23 to 25 June 2022. The invited…
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ANTVERPIA 2022 major prize winners

ANTVERPIA 2022, the Belgian National with international participation, took place in Antwerp, Belgium, during the weekend 10-12 June. Jozef Ghys, President of the Organising Committee, and his team have managed to put together a great exhibition…
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Portuguese philately celebrates Centenary of South Atlantic Crossing

The June edition of Filatelia Lusitana, the official organ of the Portuguese Federation, is dedicated to the centenary of the first air crossing of the South Atlantic by two Portuguese pioneers, Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral. President…

FEPA Awards for 2021

The FEPA Board received nominations from Member Federations for the FEPA Medal for Exceptional Service to Philately in 2021, the FEPA Medal for Exceptional Philatelic Study and research, and the Certificate of Appreciation. We are delighted…
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CAPEX 22 Grand Prix winners announced

The Grand Prix recipients were announced during the CAPEX 22 Palmares dinner on 11 June. One Frame exhibits: Grand Prix de Toronto (best overall one-frame exhibit): Damian Läge (Switzerland), “The Pigeon Mail of Great Barrier Island –…
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Exhibitor Hazel Elmslie is making history at CAPEX 22

CAPEX 22 opened at 9 am, on Thursday 9 June, as expected. Early in the next morning, the organisers sent a report of the opening day with a lot of photos, where from we picked up the most extraordinary story for a remarkable lady philatelist…
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Simple Marketing Lessons from CORREOS, the Spanish Post

CORREOS, the Spanish Post, has been a regular advertiser in the FEPA News magazine for quite some time. Their Creative Team surprises us every six or twelve months when they send in a different advertisement, each time a simple concept, a brand…
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The British Philatelic Bulletin available on the GBPS website

We copy from the Great Britain Philatelic Society (GBPS) website: The "British Philatelic Bulletin" is an official monthly publication of the Royal Mail aimed at stamp collectors, supplying detailed information about forthcoming British stamp…

Short interviews by Taisia Osipova on the APS website

According to the American Philatelic Society (APS) website, Ms. Taisia Osipova is a Digital Marketing Specialist at the APS. Taisia assists with:  writing content for the website and weekly newsletter reviewing other outgoing content…

The Swiss SBZ: The third oldest philatelic magazine

The oldest philatelic magazine in the world, still alive, is the American Philatelist. Its first issue was released in January 1887. A few months later, in November, the second oldest surviving to date, L'Écho de la timbrologie was introduced…
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Archive of past Italian national exhibitions and exhibits

A complete archive of past Italian National Exhibitions since 2008 is uploaded on the Italian Federation (FSFI) website at http://expo.fsfi.it A very important part of the archive is the accumulation of the pdf files of all exhibits in each…
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CAPEX 22 Souvenir Show Program now on line

Another CAPEX 22 Newsletter was released yesterday. It is perhaps the last of the series as the exhibition is getting ready for its grand opening on Thursday, 9 June. We have appreciated all 24 comprehensive issues sent out by Chairman David…

The Polish Philatelists Union (PZF) awards Philatelic Literature Medals

The Committee of the Medal "for the development of philatelic publications" of the Polish Philatelists Union (PZF) awarded the 2021 medals to the following recipients: Jerzy Kupiec - Węgliński, United States (for the second time). Medal for…
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STAMPEX 2022 in London: Early Bird offer on tickets

On 27 May we received the STAMPEX 2022 latest newsletter: Last month we opened ticket sales for Stampex - 28th September - 1st October 2022. We have had a wonderful response and continue to work on activity to make the show bigger and more…
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CAPE TOWN 2022 extends deadline for entry forms

CAPE TOWN 2022 organisers announced on the exhibition website that the deadline for entries has been extended to 30 June 2022. The exhibition, which is held under FIP patronage, will take place at the International Convention Center, Cape Town,…

An interview with the Makers of MICHEL in NFT

We received the following press release by MICHEL on 24th May. The Norwegian collectors' magazine Norsk Filatelistisk Tidsskrift (No. 3/2022) published an interview with the MICHEL editors-in-chief. Journalist Øyvind Refsnes asked the longtime…
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CAPEX 22 in Toronto is only two weeks away

CAPEX 22 Newsletter No. 23 was released yesterday. It contains information about entry to Canada and the Arrive Can app followed by the announcement of Vice-Regal Patronage for CAPEX 22. The two exhibition publications are also unveiled: the…

Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Exhibition

Stanley Gibbons will be hosting the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Exhibition in their first-floor gallery at 399 Strand. The exhibition is free to attend and offers an introductory telling of the story of her majesty's reign through stamps.…
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HELVETIA 2022 World Stamp Exhibition winners

The HELVETIA 2022 winners were announced during the palmares dinner on Saturday evening, 21 May, at the Palazzo dei Congressi. World Stamp Champion: Adriano Bergamini (Switzerland), "Postal relations between Ticino (Switzerland) and foreign…
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HELVETIA 2022 in Lugano was opened today

It was June 1974 and INTERNABA in Basel, when philatelists last celebrated a world general exhibition in Switzerland. So the organisers are right by saying that HELVETIA 2022, which was opened today, is the first world exhibition in their country…

EXPHIMO 2022 in Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg, in 4-6 June

EXPHIMO is the annual thematic exhibition organised by Philcolux (Cercle Philatélique Philcolux), recognised by the Philatelic Federation of Luxembourg (Fédération des Sociétés Philatéliques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, FSPL). Technology…

Sweden: Three new recipients of the Strandell Medal

At the Swedish Philatelic Federation Congress, held in Täby on 14 May, the Strandell Medal was awarded to three recipients, as earlier award ceremonies were postponed due to the pandemic. Strandellmedalj 51: Christer Brunström. A frequent…
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Philamovie: A great innovative idea by HELVETIA 2022

In order to promote philately among the younger ages, HELVETIA 2022 organisers launched “Philamovie”, a video competition with a philatelic theme. Participation was open to young people under thirty and the only limits set were 300 MB file…

Michael Cortese and Charles Epting interview philatelists around the world

Michael Cortese Co-owner and Executive Vice President of NobleSpirit and Charles Epting CEO of H.R. Harmer interview philatelists around the world; collectors, dealers, exhibitors, enthusiasts, and researchers. The "Episodes" or "Conversations…
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A call for Philatelic Literature exhibits by the AIJP President

Promoting and supporting Philatelic Literature has been one of FEPA's principal objectives. Wolgang Maassen, President of AIJP, the International Association of Philatelic Journalists, called yesterday its members to participate with their Literature…

Italian conference: protection of the heritage of postal history

On 28 January 2022, at the Sala Zuccari of Palazzo Giustiniani (residence of the President of the Senate), Rome, an important conference took place among governmental officials and postal historians. It was titled "Public and private allies…

The Italian National LATINPHIL 2022 in Cisterna di Latina

During the weekend 6-8 May, LATINPHIL 2022 took place at the Museo Piana delle Orme, in the town Cisterna di Latina near Rome, organised by the Italian National Federation and the Circolo Filatelico Tres Tabernae. The exhibition was divided…

FIP clarifies regulations for LV and LG exhibits

The International Philatelic Federation (FIP) clarified yesterday on its website a few points for exhibits that had achieved Large Vermeil or Large Gold medals. This announcement is dated April 2019, however it is very important, as it seems…

Young philatelists to meet at IBRA 2023

Dittmar Wöhlert of the Deutsche Philatelisten-Jugend e.V. has sent us their latest press release: Within the framework of IBRA 2023 in Essen, the German Philatelic Youth will hold a youth meeting from 26 to 29 May 2023 (Whit Monday). All young…

Romania: CANNIS 2022 for the centenary of the Canine Association

On the occasion of the CANNIS 2022 exhibition in Romania, Victor Iordache, acting President of the Philatelic Federation of Romania, and Marius Muntean, President of the Timişoara Philatelic Association, have sent us the details of the three-day…
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Belgium: ANTVERPIA 2022 is getting ready for 10-12 June

ANTVERPIA 2022, the National Philatelic Exhibition in Belgium will take place at the Antwerp Expo, Antwerp, between 10-12 June. In addition to the regular competition classes, there will be 8 exhibits in the Championship Class, 5 exhibits in…

Statement by the FEPA Board regarding the conflict in Ukraine

The FEPA Board met on 2 March 2022 to consider its position regarding the conflict in Ukraine initiated by the Russian Federation and Belarus.

It has agreed the following points:

  1. FEPA is a non-political organisation dedicated to promoting cooperation between its Members in the belief that philately brings people together. It does not exercise control over its Members or organise events independently of them, and its function is purely advisory.
  2. However, FEPA exists to coordinate and represent the views of its Members and consequently the Board feels compelled to express the overwhelming sense of horror and dismay among its Members at the truly exceptional situation created by the aggressive actions currently underway in Ukraine. It offers its deepest sympathy to all the victims of this conflict.
  3. Decisions on suspension or termination of membership can only be made by the FEPA Congress. However, the Board can make recommendations to its Members on immediate actions they should consider to demonstrate their determination that the aggression in Ukraine is not acceptable.
  4. The Board’s recommendation to its Members is that they should not permit participation from Russia and Belarus of any kind in their philatelic events for the foreseeable future.
  5. The Board regrets deeply that this may disadvantage philatelists in Russia and Belarus, but it is clear that FEPA cannot appear in any way to condone the aggressive actions in Ukraine.
  6. The Board will keep the position under close review in the light of events.

Igor Pirc
Secretary General
3 March 2022


The next featured exhibition in Europe is Liberec 2022 in the Czech Republic, 13-16 October 2022. The event comprises two distinct parts: (a) European Stamp Exhibition under FEPA patronage and (b) Polar Salon. The 2022 FEPA Congress will also take place in Liberec. Latest news can be found here.

Liberec 2022 | https://www.liberec2022.eu