Change of the FIP Guidelines for Open Philately

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

According to the FEPA request, trough the FIP Vice-President representing FEPA, Bernard Jimenez, the FIP has agreed in changing the points for the evaluation of the Open Philately Class, deleting the criteria “Importance” and joining in just one criteria of “Treatment”, the previous separation of “Philatelic Treatment” and “Non Philatelic Treatment.
This could be considered as a first step towards the wishes expressed by the Swedish Federation in its Motion at the 2017 FEPA Congress.

The previous 20 points distributed in:

Philatelic Treatment            5
Non-philatelic Treatment    5
Philatelic Importance          5
Non-philatelic Importance  5

Changes now to just Treatment 20 points


The new Evaluation score for Open Philately is:

Treatment       30
Title and Plan 10
Treatment       20

Knowledge and Research                       35
Philatelic Knowledge and Research          20
Non-philatelic Knowledge and Research  15

Material   30
Condition 10
Rarity       20

Presentation 5

Total 100

This modification will be applied for the first time at PRAGA 2018 Exhibition.