Continental Philatelic Exhibition with FEPA Recognition to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Philatelic Society of Egypt (PSE)

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno
General view of the Exhibition with the flags of the participant countries

September 2019 was a month of celebration among the Egyptian Philatelic community, from September 9th. to 15th. the Continental Philatelic Exhibition was held at the prestigious Gezira club in Cairo. The venue is a vintage landmark in the island of Zamalek  that was established more than a century ago in downtown Cairo.


Left photo: Dr. Sherif Samra, President of the PSE, using the first postmark on the stamp issued for the occasion. Right photo: The Jury at work. Mr. Nicos Rangos and Mr. Atem Al Attar in front of the frames 

Another reason for celebration is the 90th anniversary of the Philatelic Society of Egypt (PSE) for which a stamp was issued for the occasion and our sister society in London, the Egypt Study Circle (ESC) shared with us by having some of the members visiting Egypt for the occasion.

Also many ladies took part at the events of the 90th anniversary of the Philatelic Society of Egypt

For a week, Dr. Sherif Samra, President of the PSE was host to exhibitors from UK, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and of course Egypt who exhibited 200 frames of powerful material.

The jury, at the necessary paperwork. From left to Right: Dr. Kerdany, Mr. Rangos, Mr. Ramadan, Mr. Salam (President of the Jury), Dr. Aranaz, Dr. El-Etreby and Mr. Al Attar

The jury committee headed by Mr. Hani Salam, the Egyptian International Juror went for international FIP standards and it had international members; Mr. Nicos Rangos of Cyprus and Dr. Fernando Aranaz of Spain who both gave more weight for the event.

Very friendly get toghether and trips

It was not all philately of course, the guests enjoyed two day trips; one to the historical town of Rosetta at the mouth of the western branch of the Nile and which has the second largest collection of Islamic monuments after Cairo, and the second trip to the lovely city of Ismailia on the shores of the Suez Canal.

Dr. Sherif Samra presented the jurors with their medals and diplomas

Medals and awards of the Exhibition

Palmares dinner: Mr. Nicos Rangos, Mrs Aranaz, Dr. Fernando Aranaz


In the name of FEPA, Mr. Nicos Rangos presented to Dr. Sherif Samra with the Honorary FEPA Certificate for his “Extraordinary Contribution for the Development of Philately”

Dr. Sherif Samra with the FEPA Certificate


Hope to see you all in Egypt next time.

Dr. Sherif Samra