EFIRO 2019, National Romanian with International Participation: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Republic of Moldova, Serbia and Hungary, invited countries

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno


The National Romanian Philatelic Exhibition with International Participation EFIRO

2019 has invited to participate : Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Israel, Republic of Moldova, Serbia and Hungary. EFIRO celebrates “560 years since Bucharest’s first documentary

attestation” and “145 years since the founding of the UPU”. During the

exhibition will be held the “40th Symposium of Romanian Philately and

Postal History” of the Romania International Study Group. The exhibition

will take place at the Museum of Romanian Records, Parfumului 25-27

Street, Bucharest, Romania.

The exhibition will open on Thursday 19 September 2019 in the

afternoon and will end on Saturday, 21 September 2019, before noon.

The exhibition will be organized the Romanian Philatelic Federation and

Museum of Romanian Records.

EFIRO 2019 is a national exhibition with international participation and

its main purpose is to preselect the exhibits for the BALKANFILA 2020

exhibition that was granted the FEPA Recognition.

The Museum of Romanian Records is the main sponsor of EFIRO 2019.

The EFIRO 2019 International Stamp Exhibition is an Rank I. Exhibition,

where the exhibits may be presented in the following classes:

  1. Out of Competitive Classes
  2. a) Official Class (for postal administrations and museums)
  3. b) Honorary Class (for invited persons and jury-members)
  4. Competitive Classes

B.1 Traditional Philately Class

B.2 Postal History Class

B.3 Thematic Philately Class

B.4 Maximaphily Class

B.5 Revenue Stamp Class

B.6 Open Class

B.7 Postal Stationary Class

B.8 Aerophilately Class

B.9 Picture Postcard Class

B.10 One-Frame Exhibits Class

B.11 Philatelic Literature

  1. Special books and studies
  2. Catalogs
  3. Periodical publications.

Note: “One Frame” exhibits be allocated to the competitive classes they

belong to.

There are no participation fees for any of the exhibition classes.

There will be approximately 300 frames for all classes,

The philatelic literature will be displayed in special presentation

cabinets or in the exhibition halls, which will be available to the visitor.

Each member of the invited countries will have 30 frames available.

Each invited country will have a commissioner who may also be a


The exhibits in the “Literature” class must be sent in advance in a

single copy until August 20, 2019.

Mailing address:

Organizing Committee of EFIRO 2019

Francisc Ambruș

Str. Caramfil G. Nicolae, 71-73, Et. 5, Intrarea Ghe. Simionescu

Sector 1




Chairman of the organizing committee,

Leonard Pașcanu

Tel: +40 744 500 566

e-mail : federatia_filatelica@ yahoo.com


General Commissioner,

Francisc Ambruș

Tel: +40 722 934 317

e-mail : franambrus@yahoo.com

The whole IREX of the Exhibition at : http://federatia-filatelica.ro/IREX_EFIRO-2019(2).pdf