Exhibition “The Philatelic Society of Copenhagen” – 100 years

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

Press information on National Stamp Exhibition in Denmark

“The Philatelic Society of Copenhagen” – 100 year

Place: DGI-Byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Copenhagen V

Time: October 18th-20th 2019

The Copenhagen Philatelic Club (KPK) is arranging a Danish National Philatelic Exhibition in cooperation with ”The Philatelic Society of Copenhagen” under the support of The Danish Philatelic Federation.

This is to celebrate that 2019 it is 100 years since “The Philatelic Society of Copenhagen” (Filatelistisk Selskab) was founded.

The Exhibition will take place in October 18-20, 2019 and will hold up to 500 exhibition frames in the competitive classes. The exhibition hall will – as is always customary in Danish exhibitions – have a large numbers of philatelic dealers present.

The Exhibition will take place in DGI-byen – an area in the center of Copenhagen within walking distance to Copenhagen Central Railway Station, Tivoli and a lot of hotels.

You can find further information on the exhibition at the KPK website: www.kpk.dk. Here you can see the regulations, information on hotels, exhibitors, philatelic dealers etc.

At the same webpage you can also find form for participation at the exhibition (“Anmeldelseskema”).

Unfortunately the webpage is at the moment only in Danish, but if you write to the commissioner: filatelistisk-selskab@pieper.dk, he will for sure help you with further information if necessary.

Filatelistisk Selskab was founded on March 28, 1919 by prominent philatelists from the Copenhagen Philatelic Club. Captain Tretow-Loof was elected as the first president.

Since then a lot of well-known Danish philatelists has been member of this society. Among others can be mentioned: Th. Hegelund, Olaf Bøgh, Mads Bruun Pedersen, G.A.Hagemann, Max Nørgaard, Torben Geill, Jesper Haff, Tage Buntzen, Hans Ehlern Jessen and Knud Mohr.

Foreign philatelists have been corresponding members, among others George B. Lindberg, Sweden, Paul H. Jensen, Norway, Arne Debo, Germany and at present Jussi Tuori, Finland, Gunnar Dahlvig, Sweden and Chris King, Great Britain.

Today the society has Lars Peter Svendsen as President, Morten Pieper as Secretary and Ebbe Eldrup as Treasurer.

The purpose of the society is to expand the philatelic interests and knowledge among its members and for this purpose hold meetings with the exhibitions and talks of stamps. New members can only be inscribed on invitation.

It is a great pleasure to welcome all philatelists to this celebration of the society in the center of Copenhagen in the Danish autumn.

On behalf of the exhibition

Ib Krarup Rasmussen,

The Danish Philatelic Federation