FEPA Congress at hotel Clarion Benada restaurant

Published on Author Ari Muhonen

Agenda for the 2018 FEPA Congress

Prague,19th August 2018

10:00 Clarion Congress Hotel – Prague



2. Roll Call and choice of tellers.

Presentation of the FEPA Pin to the Presidents of National Federations, Associations or Unions, Members of FEPA

3. Minutes of the 2017 Congressin Tampere

4. Reports of the Board members

5. Financial Statements

6. Report of the Auditor

7. FEPA Apprentice Jurors

8. FEPA News Magazine

9. Website www.fepanews.com

10. Changes in the FIP Guidelines for Open Philately at the FEPA request

11. Motion from the Spanish Federation – FESOFI related to Modern Philately

12. Picture Postcards Regulations.

13. Philatelic Literature regulations and costs for exhibiting

14. FIP President’s Election in Thailand 2018

15. Review of the 2018 FEPA events and of thosep lanned for the next years.

16. Request for FEPA Recognition from Members Federations

17. Relationship amongst FEPA Members

15. Presentation of FEPA Awards

16. Next FEPA Congress

17. Any other matters

It is expected to finish the Congress by 13:00 hours.