fepanews.com offered 110 news in 2019

Published on Author Ari Muhonen


The official website of the FEPA, fepanews.com, was active offering 100 news in 2019. The topics can be categorized as follows:

Topic Number of news
FEPA (Family, Board, Congress, magazine) 30
FEPA Exhibitions (Patronage, Recognition) 25
National exhibitions 22
FIP exhibitions 5
National Federation 14
Literature 4
Other 4


During the year there were altogether

  • 35 422 sessions
  • 14 640 users
  • 110 662 page views

The Board hopes to continue this pace. We invite the Federations and organization committees of exhibitions to send us information that we can publish on the website. It xan be sent to the FEPA President and/or webmaster or to any member of the Board. The contact addresses can be found here: