Interested in exhibiting Postal History? This seminar programme is for you.

Published on Author Bill Hedley

The FIP Postal History Commission has put together a programme of five on-line seminars on the theme of:

‘The importance of ………  in postal history exhibiting’.

The programme will run from August – October 2020 and all the seminars will be held on Sundays.

The programme is as follows:

Starting Time

A      16 August         ‘Rarity and Condition’              Henrik Mouritsen

A        6 September    ‘Presentation’                         Chris King

     20 September  ‘Treatment’                               Dan Walker

A        4 October         ‘Importance’                          Henrik Mouritsen

A      18 October       ‘Knowledge and Research’     Andrew Cheung

Starting Times

A.        8.00pm Singapore time, equivalent to 8.00am New York time;

1.00pm London time; 2.00pm Berlin time; 9.00pm Hong Kong time.

B.       10.00pm Singapore time, equivalent to 10.00am New York time;

3.00pm London time; 4.00pm Berlin time; 11.00pm Hong Kong time.

To register for any of the seminars, please send an e-mail to Andrew Cheung (Secretary of the FIP Postal History Commission) at

For further information, have a look at the FIP Postal History Commission website: