Interesting new philatelic materials are available on-line

Published on Author Bill Hedley

Information has reached us about several new philatelic materials now on line.


Seminars on exhibiting postal history.   Recordings of the recent, excellent series of seminars organised by the FIP Postal History Commission have been placed on YouTube and are now available to view. Links to them are on the FIP website at:

If you want to bring yourself up-to-date on the latest thinking about major aspects of postal history exhibiting, you can find it here.


Il francobolli incatenato‘. The Italian Federation (CIFO) has put the November 2020 issue on line, with articles in Italian by Claudio Ernesto Manzati, Ketty Borgogno, Giampiero Fusari, Giulio Perricone, Costantino Caruso, Luca Andreoni, Roberto Cruciani, Ruben Berta, Domenico Matera, Ernesto Vassallo and Giorgio Migliavacca.

You can find it at:°311-202011.pdf


“Philatelic Fridays” conferences.   Also from Italy, videos of the CIFT / CIFO’s regular conferences can now be viewed on YouTube at the following link:


Middle East Philatelic Bulletin.    For those interested in the philately of the Middle East, Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi has drawn our attention to this magazine produced in Germany which contains an interesting range of articles. It is now available on line completely free and can be found at:


Philanotes.   Our good friend Vojtech Jankovic has again drawn our attention to the range of articles (in English) that are available at the philanotes philatelic portal. Much of the material there is concerned with Czech and Slovak philately but it also looks at topics further afield as well as providing news updates. You can find it at: