New ABPS website is available to view

Published on Author Bill Hedley

The Association of British Philatelic Societies (ABPS), which represents the UK in FEPA,  has recently launched a new website.

The aim is to reach out to users and respond to their particular needs in addition to providing an essential store of information on the Association’s activities. Thus, a new feature is a searchable list of speakers and judges to help philatelic societies and exhibition organisers in planning their programmes. Previously they have often had to do this with poor or out-of-date information, and this new facility should help them.

The new website also includes an events calendar that will allow organisers to promote philatelic events free of charge by having them listed on the calendar. It will also help them with planning by giving them visibility of the forthcoming events programme and thereby (hopefully) avoiding clashes with other events.

Additionally the website contains many more visual images than before and has opened the door for philatelic societies and displayers to post pictures of their activities and displays. This will make it more informative and visually attractive.

After almost a year’s planning the new website was launched in August 2020. It can be viewed at