Berlin will host a new FEPA Recognized international exhibition: ROSSICA 2016

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno


As requested by Mr. Uwe Decker, President of the Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e. V. the 34 National Federations present at the recent FEPA Congress, granted unanimously the FEPA Recognition to “ROSSICA 2016”, to be held from 20 to 22 May 2016  at the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin.

“ROSSICA 2016” is organized by the Russian National Academy of Philately together with the German Academy of Philately, with the support of the BDPh, the German Federation.

Special Regulations for ROSSICA – 2016
International Philatelic Biennial.
(The Russian House for Science and Culture at Berlin 20 – 22 May, 2016)


Article 1 – Objectives of the Show.

ROSSICA – 2016International Biennial of Russian Philately (hereafter referred to as “ROSSICA-2016”) is organized for the following objectives:

  • to promote every aspects of philately in the World regarded to Russia;
  • to commemorate the 150thanniversaryof the first Russian Zemstvo postage stamp;
  • to commemorate the 85thanniversary of the post exchange between the German “Graf Zeppelin” airship and the Soviet “Malygin” icebreaker;
  • to commemorate the 55thanniversary of the first manned space flight;
  • to commemorate the 125thanniversary of thefirst flight of Otto Lilienthal;
  • to promote every aspects of post and philately in Europe;
  • to expend and develop friendly relations and close cooperation between European Academy of Philately, National Philatelic Academies and “Rossica” philatelic clubs;
  • to develop of international humanitarian cooperation


Article 2 – Organization, Venue and Date.

2.1 The ROSSICA – 2016Biennial continues the traditions of ROSSICA – 2013 and ROSSICA – 2014.

2.2 ROSSICA – 2016 is organized jointly by the Russian National Academy of Philately together with the German National Academy of Philately and the Schwaneberger publishing company in cooperation with Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin; the Berlin-Brandenburg philatelic society; the “Rossica” Russian elite philatelic club and the Berlin Association of friends of Russian / Soviet postage stamp.

2.3 The General sponsors are Sergey TkachenkoArchitectural studio and Russian Modern Art Foundation Zurich; with the support of the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin.

2.4 ROSSICA – 2016 will be held in the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin (Friedrichstraße 176-179, Berlin, D-10117, Germany) from 20May till 22 May 2016.


Article 3 – Patronage.

3.1 ROSSICA – 2016 is organized under the Recognition of Federation of European Philatelic Associations (FEPA).

3.2 ROSSICA – 2016 is organized under the patronage of the European Academy of Philately (AEP) and International Association of Publishers of Stamp Catalogues, Albums, and Philatelic Magazines (ASCAT).


Article 4 – Regulations.

ROSSICA – 2016 will be governed by the Special Regulations for ROSSICA – 2016.


Article 5 – Exhibition Classes.

5.1 Honorary Class (Monte Carlo Club)

5.2 Competitive Classes

  • Class 1: Traditional Philately
  • Class 2: Postal History
  • Class 3:Aerophilately
  • Class 4: Astrophilately
  • Class 5: One Frame exhibits
  • Class 6:Picture Postcards
  • Class 7:Philatelic Literature

5.3 The non-competitiveClass for Youth Philately will be presented at the second exhibition’s venue at the House of Russia Abroad named after Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Moscow.


Article 6 – Conditions of Participation and Allotment of Frames.

6.1 The members of European Academy of Philately (AEP) and the members of National Philatelic Academies as well as the members of International Association of Publishers of Stamp Catalogues, Albums, and Philatelic Magazines (ASCAT) are invited to take part at ROSSICA – 2016.

6.2 The exhibit must have received a minimum of Vermeil medal at a FIP or a FEPA level exhibition

6.3 The priority will be given to the exhibits regarded to the subjects related to Russia, Germany and Zeppelin mail.

6.4 One exhibitor may submit only one application and only one application from a family may be submitted. This rule does not refer to Literature Class. Entries for Literature Class will be accepted without restriction in quantity.

6.5 From 6 to 10 frames will be allotted to each exhibit.


Article 7 – Evaluation of Exhibits.

Evaluation of Exhibits will be performed by the International Jury in according to GREX, the General Regulations of the FIP for the Evaluation of Competitive Exhibits at FIP Exhibitions (GREV) and Special Regulations for the Evaluation of Philatelic Exhibits (SREV).


Article 8 – Application and Acceptance.

8.1 Provisional applications sent by each exhibitor personally to the Commissioner General of the ROSSICA – 2016 must be received by the Commissioner General not later than 31 January 2016 and for the Literature Class not later than 28February 2016.

8.2 Notification of acceptance or not from the Organizing Committee will be sent to each exhibitor by 1 March 2016 and for the Literature Class by 15 March 2016.


Article 9 – Handling of Exhibits.

9.1 Any National Commissioner will not be appointed for ROSSICA – 2016.

9.2 Exhibits (class 1 – 6) should be delivered to the Exhibition Venue and handed over to the Organizing Committee by the exhibitors on 19May 2016.

9.3 Each exhibit (other than literature) sheet must be placed in a transparent protective cover. The sheets shall be numbered on each page at the lower left corner.

9.4 All exhibits received will be duly acknowledged with proper receipts. Exhibits will be returned in exchange for their receipts after the exhibition. Complaints will not be considered following the return of exhibit.

9.5 Exhibits will be returned back to exhibitors personally by the Organizing Committee at the Exhibition Venue on 22May 2016.

9.6 Request for return, removed etc. of exhibits during the period of the exhibition will not be granted.

9.7 The Organisers require Philatelic Literature exhibits (1 copy of eachLiterature exhibit) to be sent no later than 30April 2016 to the following address:

Verein der BriefmarkenfreundeRussland/UdSSR Berlin e. V.
RussischesHaus der Wissenschaft und Kultur,
Friedrichstraße 176 – 179,
10117 Berlin

9.8 The Philatelic Literature exhibits will not be returned. They will be donated to the Library of the Russian House for Science and Culture at Berlin as well as to the Libraries of the Russian National Academy of Philately and the German National Academy of Philately.


Article 10 – Awards

Each exhibitor will be awarded with the ROSSICA-2016 commemorative medal and a Certificate of Participation.


Article 11- Participation Fees

11.1 The entry fee for six- and ten-frame exhibits in the Competitive Classes will be €10 per frame.A frame can hold 12 sheets of A4 size in three rows of four (3 x 4) contained in transparent protectors. Larger sheets can be accepted but they must be in multiples of the standard size and pre-notified and approved by the Organising Committee.

11.2 The entry fee forLiterature Class will be €10 per exhibit.

11.3 The Participation Fee for Postal administrations and dealerswill be governed by a separate Regulations.


Article 12 – Insurance and Security

12.1 Exhibitors are advised that they must secure appropriate insurance for their exhibits. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for such insurance and all expenses in securing insurance are the responsibility of the exhibitor. The Organizers will not be liable for any loss of or damage to any exhibit, in whole or in part, howsoever caused.

12.2 The Organizing Committee will take reasonable precautions to ensure the security and safety of all exhibits while in their possession.


Article 13 – Contact Addresses

13.1 Coordinator of the “ROSSICA – 2016” Exhibition, Mr. Andrey Strygin


13.2 Entries and queries regarding entries should be sent to Mr. Igor Rodin, the Commissioner General of the ROSSICA – 2016.

Mr. Igor Rodin
P.O. Box: 972
Moscow, 101 000



13.3 The applications from Postal administrations, dealers and advertisers as well as the questions regarded to the organization of the show should be sent to Mrs. Olga Fedorova, Executive secretary of the Organizing Committee


13.4 The address of the Organizing Committee:

The “Rossica” Club,

Sytinskiypereulok, dom 3, building 5, Moscow, 123104, Russia


Article 14 – Rights of the Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes in these Special Regulations.


Article 15 – Conclusion

15.1 In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation the English text shall prevail.

15.2 For further information about the exhibition, please contact Mr.Andrey Strygin, the Coordinator of the Exhibition and/or Mr. Igor Rodin, Commissioner General.