Dr. Thomas Mathà: International Mail Crossing the Italian Peninsula 1815-1852

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno
Paris to Naples January 2, 1833 by Royal Courier via Rome. Personal letter from Louis Philippe, King of France to Ferninand II, King of Both Sicilies

The book is a thorough study of Italian international transit mail across the Peninsula from 1815 to 1852. The book covers the five main postal conventions concluded between Sardinia, Austria and France relating to transit through the Papal States, Naples and Tuscany, with special attention to the entry and exit marks. In addition, it is illustrated with the necessary maps showing the routes of the illustrated letters. These letters are described in detail with respect to rates and stamps. The seven-pages index is a great help for finding cities and marks.  All this makes the book very understandable for non-post historians.

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Dr. Thomas Màtha’s INTERNATIONAL MAIL CROSSING THE ITALIAN PENNINSULA 1815-1852, has been selected as the first title of this project.