FEPAnews website will be updated!

Published on Author Ari Muhonen


The FEPA website has become a popular source of philatelic information. It collects more than 100,000 page views annually. It offers frequently news from the philatelic world and lists European as well as worldwide events available for philatelists of the FEPA member countries. It also contains a lot of information about FEPA, its member Federations and activities.

The modernisation project was necessary due to technical reasons. The new platform offers improved security and easier maintenance. It can also take advantage of a range of plugins leading to new features and better usability of the site.

The new simplified layout improves readability with phones and tablets. It gives more space for news postings, the main source of current information and the most popular section of the site. The other sections can be found with the dropdown menus on top of the page.

The new features include a new Search function which allows the reader quickly find the needed information. Instead of a simple table, philatelic events can be found from a real calendar looking FEPA Calendar with details about location, website and other useful information. And the best of all, journals, bulletins and other publications can now be read using look-a-like plugin.

The update is scheduled to be done at the end of February. Readers do not need to do anything. The web address “fepanews.com” will remain, it will point to the renewed website.