Jan Berg, Grand Prix of HALLFRIM 2016

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

Left photo,Jan Berg (in the center), Grand Prix of Hallfrim  2016. Right photo, general view of the exhibition


On 12-14 August was held HALLFRIM 2016 the Swedish national exhibition of  stamps and postcards arranged by the Halmstads Philatelic Association which celebrated its Centenary, in cooperation with other philatelic associations in Halland in Halmstad, Sports Centre. The exhibition celebrated the Centenary of the Halmstads Philatelic Association which was formed in 1916. The exhibition was approved by the Swedish Philatelic Federation (SFF).

The winner of the Championship and therefore Grand Prix Hallfrim 2016 was Jan Berg With Private Ship Letter Stamp Issuing Companies: up to 1900. Jan got 60 points at the public jury vote. He was followed by the exhibits of Richard Bodin, 54, Bengt-Göran Österdahl 38, Lennart Daun 28, 24 Gert Fredriksson and Anders Olason the 6th clasified.