September issue of the “Junge Sammler”, the clever magazine of the Youth Commission of the German Federation

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno



“All the happiness of the earth lies on the back of the horses”. With this main theme, the new edition of the young collectors has been published in September.
The membership magazine of the Deutsche Philatelisten-Jugend e.V. deals in numerous contributions with the great love for the animals of many children. The focus of the articles is on horse sport. Other contributions are about Canadian-branded secrets and novelties about the Star Wars series. How collectors can get new American first-day stamps – also the colored ones – is the subject of another article. This includes current short reports from the country areas, a reader letter and a form for a free classified ad for young members. Also the popular boy-collector quiz, a coloring page for younger readers and the overview of events are not missing.
This means that an attractive advertising booklet has been issued. Members receive the booklet directly in the mail.
The booklet is particularly suitable for working with young stamp friends. Further information on the Deutsche Philatelisten-Jugend can be found on the website