NOTOS 2015 LATEST NEWS: Newsletter from the 31th of August

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Palmares / Official Dinner, Saturday, 14th of November 2015, 21:00 at Amalia Hotel. Price for the dinner: € 35,00 – buffet!– delegates, officials, commissioners and jury will be invited.                                                           Other interested in attending the Palmares, please ask for reservation to NOTOS 2015 e-mail:

Newsletter no. 7

31 August 2015

FEPA Consultant visits Athens: FEPA Consultant visits Athens: Alfred Kunz, member of FEPA Board, its current Treasurer, and appointed FEPA Consultant in NOTOS 2015, concluded his three-day visit to Athens (1-3 July). Accompanied by George Sparis, OC President, and by other OC members, he was updated on all aspects of the preparation of the exhibition and inspected the exhibition grounds. He also had the opportunity to stay at the Amalia Hotel Athens, the official hotel of the exhibition. On 2 July, at 7.30 pm, at the Hellenic Philotelic Society premises, the FEPA patronage agreement was signed between the three parties involved; FEPA, the Hellenic Philatelic Federation (the FEPA member) and the Hellenic Philotelic Society (NOTOS 2015 organizers).

Be part of it! There are many ways to be part of NOTOS 2015, even if you have not signed up as an exhibitor:
Be a volunteer and help on Wednesday 11 November during the mounting and on Sunday 15 November during the dismounting of the exhibits.
Be a sponsor through the Hermes Club and support a major philatelic exhibition, which is solely based on the financial resources of a philatelic society.
Be a visitor and come to Athens to enjoy the magic of a historic city, and naturally to the exhibition hall for a wide range of first class exhibits, among which a panorama of the European South.

Philatelic Literature Supplement: A rather useful Philatelic Literature Supplement with bibliographical details on every single handbook, catalogue or periodical that participates in NOTOS 2015 is already uploaded on the exhibition website:

Special Prizes: The OC thanks the national philatelic federations that have already announced their intention to offer a Special Prize to NOTOS 2015. These Special Prizes will be awarded by the International Jury to certain exhibits in appreciation of outstanding philatelic merit or exceptional material.

The situation in Greece: During the past few weeks, we received words of comfort and support on the financial turmoil of Greece from many of our friends from abroad. We appreciate your concern and thank you all very much. We assure everybody that all preparations are right on schedule and that NOTOS 2015 will take place exactly as planned.

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