Unconventional use of the exhibit

Published on Author Ari Muhonen

A presentation of exhibit at a competitive or a promotional exhibition I consider as normal or conventional matter. Recently I had the opportunity to use a somewhat unconventional use of my thematic exhibit. The following lines describe my new experience.

In half of 2012, I finished my fourth exhibit dedicated to the space theme again. This time I compiled a biography of Valentina Tereshkova. Within this thematic exhibit I managed to document her rich biography, a story about how a simple Soviet girl became the first cosmonaut of the world. There is documented her life history in the context of political propaganda, her travelling and her various functions.

In 2013 passed 50 years since this important space flight. And this anniversary was a challenge for me to unconventional use of my exhibit. I decided to offer my lecture, a biography of the first woman-cosmonaut. At the lecture is common that a speaker use to supplement its accompanying words some images, photographs, diagrams and the like. As an illustration to my story I decided to use my exhibit only. To create my Power Point presentation I used all 80 sheets of exhibit. I added to the beginning a basic philatelic information. About distribution of philately, about creation of exhibit and some about exhibitions and, ultimately, did not lack a foretaste of the benefits of membership in the Union of Czech Philatelists including contacts.

The first lecture associated with the exhibition of my exhibit I implemented in the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Prague which housed in a building next to the Embassy of the Russian Federation. One April evening was connected to the opening ceremony of the exhibition of copies of my exhibit which was installed in the lobby of the Center. After the exhibition opening took place the lecture and at the end of the lecture was projected a film in which Valentina described her life stories. The visitors could to verify the truth of my information which was distributed through a philatelic material promptly.

For this exhibition I really attested the use colour copies of exhibit´s sheets. The main advantages are: no need to worry about losing or damaging the sheets (such as sun exposure, etc.), no need to deal with insurance – after all it is only a copy. Another advantage was the possibility of a longer exposure. Exhibition in the Centre lasted almost a month. According to a statement by an employee of the Centre some hundreds of visitors saw this exhibition. They came there for the varied activities of the Centre and they came to visit the library also.

A similar scenario I had chosen for a lecture in library of Vysoké Mýto which was held in October. The exhibition of exhibit was postponed and took place in January of this year again for one month.

The greatest success I experienced in Pilsen. In agreement with the head of the Russian Centre at the University of West Bohemia I have talked about Valentine before completely packed room recently opened and well technically equipped of the Center. I was very pleased from visit the high number of women in the room. The exhibition was installed in the corridor in the premises of the language department. Many students had a chance to see this exhibition during their waiting for the teaching.

After the end of lecture was a time for a conversation with visitors and I became convinced so that for many visitors was interesting this form of practical use of my exhibit. I hope really that I have helped in this unconventional way to promote philately among the general public.

I will be very pleased when this article will inspire for you too! Do not let your exhibits was lying at home. You can find a suitable form of presentation to the general public. Perhaps we will attract someone so and then will grow a number of philatelists. I wish a lot of interesting ideas to use of an exhibit and the much needed promotion of philately our hobby.


Petr Fencl