PRAGA PICCOLA 2017: First Czech-German Stamp Exhibition

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

The First Czech –German Stamp Exhibition PRAGA PICCOLA 2017 was organized  in parallel with the Collector Fair as the last qualification event for the PRAGA 2018 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition. Many of the displayed exhibits reached the top awards and we shall congratulate to the exhibitors to the success created by their hard work. The Palmares of the stamp exhibition is shown at  palmare-praga-piccola-2017.html



The Prague events were accompanied by a session organized by the PRAGA 2018 Organization Committee. The Committee members discussed the further steps in the PRAGA preparation. The gathering was documented by a joint-photo made together with Mr. Walter Müller, Chairman of the Union of Czech Philatelists.



The important German stamp firm Auktionashaus Christoph Gärtner GmbH & Co. KG being the only official auctioneer of the PRAGA 2018 Exhibition took part in the Collector Fair in Prague. Representatives of PRAGA Organizing Committee used this excellent opportunity to meet with the representatives of Christoph Gärtner Auction House to discuss the coming World Stamp Exhibition.

The Czech Postal Administration celebrated the Collector Fair and PRAGA 2018 Specialized World Stamp Exhibition by the issuance of a new postage stamp showing the Mauritius “Post Office” stamp as reported in a previous notice displayed at our website:



The stamp was designed by Jaromír and Kamil Knotek.The red and the blue Mauritius Post Office are clearly the best known stamps to the general public in the world. Only 12 copies of the blue version (2 pence) and 14 copies of the red version (1 penny) of the stamp exist in the world. They were issued on the Mauritius Island on 20 September 1847, each in the volume of 500. You will be able to see the original Blue Mauritius stamp within the PRAGA 2018 exhibition.