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Shaking hands: G. Sparis, A. Kunz, P. Leoussis (2.7.2015)

Signing the FEPA patronage agreement: G. Sparis, President Hellenic Philotelic Society (HPS), A. Kunz, FEPA Consultant, P. Leoussis, President Hellenic Philotelic Federation (2.7.2015)

NOTOS 2015

12th – 15th of November 2015

International Philatelic Exhibition held at the

Peristeri Exhibition Centre, Dodekanisou 106, 12135 Peristeri, Greece

The exhibition:

–         The exhibition Centre is lying inside of a park with parking places all around



4 halls with about 1.500 m², 2 of them using for the exhibition        ð 3.000 m²

o       Halls Δ (D) and Γ (C)

–         between this 4 halls there is a foyer of about 625 m² used by:

o       Hellenic Post

o       Buffet / Bar

o       Information desk from the OC

–         In hall A or B there will be a room for the jury, possible to lock

–         No room for the commissioner; if there are meetings necessary, they will be held in the official hotel

–        the fourth hall is not occupied till now; possibly there could be another exhibition, not related to philately – that should be positive, because non philatelic visitors come to this place

The exhibition hall is sponsored by the municipality of Peristeri. The frames and the frame handling are sponsored by the Hellenic Post (ELTA).

No dealers! NOTOS OC is not allowed to sell whatever. If dealers want to come they have to go to the Peristeri Municipality or to the managers of the exhibition centre.

Size of the exhibition:

–        1100 frames in competition, 85 frames for the Champion Class and 72 frames out of competition

o       about 16% national / 84% international

  • 17% Traditional
  • 45% Postal History
  •   4% Postal Stationary
  •   6% Thematic
  •   8% Maximaphily
  •   5% Youth
  •   5% Open Class
  •       10% all other classes (Aero, Astro, Revenue) and some  exhibits being there from the exhibition, one week before

o       1-frame exhibits are included in the different classes

–         125 literature exhibits

 OC members at the exhibition centre: Anthony Virvilis, President of the Jury, George Sparis, President of the O.C. and Lorenzo Chazapis, reponsible for hospitality (5.9.2014)

 Exhibition classes are together with all the other; there are also some rest areas and a room for the literature (to take them and read)

A Greece restaurant is nearby the exhibition hall (2 min to walk) for the jury and of course for visitors – excellent Greece dishes (fish, pork, chicken, salads and vegetables) to a moderate price.
 Commissioners, jurors and other official persons which arrive at the air port “El Venizelos”, will have support. 2 members of the OC and 2 – 4 volunteers will be there to help them in case of custom, transport, orientation, etc. Special papers for customs are prepared and will send to the commissioners.
If commissioners bring the exhibits by car, they have to organize customs by themselves.
If exhibits have to transport to the exhibition hall, cars / taxis will be available to do so. If no major transport is necessary, it could also be the bus or the metro; both of them arrive in a walking distance of less than 2 min.
Tickets between the airport and the hotel (both directions), as well as tickets between the hotel and the exhibition centre, will be provided by the OC.
No per diem for commissioners and jurors, as agreed.
No envelopes for the exhibits – commissioners have to us their own packaging material. Mounting of the exhibits by the OC in presence of the commissioner. After mounting and closing the frames, they will be photographed.
The official hotel:
“AMALIA HOTEL”, 10 Amalia Ave., 10557 Athens, Greece
–         100 m far from the bus station coming from the airport
–         150 m far from the Metro Station to the exhibition hall, as well as to the airport
This hotel is lying in the middle of the city Athens, with a look to the houses of parliament and in front of the National Garden.
Walking distance to the Metro station “Syntagma” about 2 min. From this station you can go to:
–         exhibition area “Line 2 – Metro red Line” about 13 min to “Anthoupoli” and then walk about 3 min to the exhibition center – Metro available during the day about all 5 min
–         airport “Line 3 – Metro blue Line” about 45 min to the air port “El Venizelos” – every 30 min
All official peoples are booked in the “Amalia Hotel”- fee already paid, also visitors, if they want. At the website, there are also some other, possibly cheaper, hotels to book
At this hotel there will be the:
o       AIEP-meeting, Saturday, 14th of November 2015, from 14:00 – 17:00
o       FEPA Board meeting, Saturday, 14th of November 2015, from 18:00 – 19:30
o       Palmares / Official Dinner, Saturday, 14th of November 2015, 21:00
o       FEPA Congress 2015, Sunday, 15th of November 2015, from 09:00 – 13:00
 The Amalia Hotel has some possibilities to held meetings and congresses:
–         for the meetings a smaller room with  beamer, silver screen, flipchart, etc.
–         for the congress a room for about 40 – 50 attendees, a podium for 6 peoples with micro, beamer and silver screen.
   will be there, where the breakfast / restaurant is normally – place for more than 250 people (price for the dinner: € 25,00 – buffet!) – delegates, officials, commissioners and jury will be invited.

Newsletter no. 6
3 July 2015

Court of Honour: Three world class exhibits have accepted the invitation by the OC and will participate in NOTOS 2015 Court of Honour in November: (a) Joseph Hackmey’s “Classic France”, Grand Prix d’Exposition in Israel 2008, (b) Norbert Frenes’ “Postal history of Greece from 1861 to 1885”, Grand Prix d’Exposition in WIPA 2000, and (c) Stavros Andreadis’, “Kassandra – Large Hermes heads of Greece”, Grand Prix candidate in Portugal 2010.

The exhibits were announced: The lists of the participating exhibits by country, by class and per exhibitor are already uploaded on the exhibition website. 1172 exhibition frames and 125 Philatelic Literature exhibits in total.

The International Jury: Honorary President: José Ramón Moreno (Spain); President: Anthony Virvilis RDP (Greece); Vice President: Mario Mentaschi (Italy); Secretary: Jean Pierre Magne (France); Jurors: Boncho Bonev (Bulgaria), Nicos Rangos (Cyprus), Sherif Samra (Egypt), Eliahu Weber (Israel), Manuel Portocarrero (Portugal), Emanoil Savoiu (Romania), Zoran Stepanovic (Serbia), Peter Suhadolc (Slovenia), Ziya Ağaoğullari (Turkey), Alexandre Galinos (Greece), George Thomareis (Greece); Apprentices: Akis Christou (Cyprus), Alexios Papadopoulos (Greece); Expert Team: Jean François Brun RDP (France), Eduardo Escalada-Goicoechea (Spain), Neoklis Zafeirakopoulos (Greece).

The AIJP Representative: The AIJP, which has granted its patronage to  NOTOS 2015, will be represented at the exhibition by one of its Vice-Presidents, Giancarlo Morolli RDP (Italy).

NOTOS 2015 in London: NOTOS 2015 visited London 2015 Europhilex and distributed a promotional leaflet to the exhibition visitors and standholders, at the FEPA stand, courtesy of the European Federation. This year, next to the London exhibition, NOTOS 2015 will be the second biggest philatelic event in Europe.

FEPA News journal: The front cover of FEPA News no. 27, which was just released, is full of Greece and NOTOS 2015, dedicated to the November exhibition and the annual FEPA Congress.