NOTOS 2021 spurs reconstruction of Large Hermes Head plate

Published on Author Bill Hedley

An enquiry last year from the Organising Committee of NOTOS 2021 to the Philatelic and Postal Museum in Athens has produced a wonderful result.

Since the 20 Lepta Large Hermes Head stamp was printed in 1861, the plate has been in a state of disrepair. 29 of the original 150 clichés are missing and the remaining 121 were loose. Thanks to the NOTOS enquiry, permission was granted to try to reconstruct the plate and the task was given to Stephanos Calliga, an expert in this field. He has now succeeded in re-creating an important artefact in Greek philately.

Details of this achievement, and of many other interesting developments, are at the website of the Hellenic Philatelic Society. The link is: