Over-subscribed – the familiar story with London Internationals

Published on Author Ari Muhonen


It’s always the same with international stamp exhibitions held in London – the events prove so popular that many want to exhibit, have stands, or simply visit.

So it is with London 2020, the international stamp exhibition being staged at the Business Design Centre in Islington from Saturday, 2 May to Saturday, 9 May.

Far more collectors wanted to exhibit than space available would allow, even though the exhibits will be changed halfway through the exhibition. Fortunately it has been possible to accept two-thirds of the entries: every effort has been made to ensure that the same percentage of frames has been accepted from each country and across every class.

A reminder that during the first half (2 to 5 May) on display will be Postal History, Revenue, Open, Picture Postcards, Postal Stationery, Modern and part of Youth. From 6 May to 9 May there will be Championship, Traditional, Aerophilately, Thematic and the rest of Youth. One Frame exhibits will be shown alongside their parent class.

Literature will also form a major part of the competitive entries. Up to now the marking has been based on the traditional printed format, but with the increasing use of digital, a new marking scheme has been devised that will be used experimentally at London 2020.

The selection of the Jury is now underway. The FIP has been very helpful in supporting the organisers choose a balanced team that will work effectively over both halves of the week.

A small number of stands have become available as a result of a few traders now finding they can no longer attend. Anyone interested in booking a trade stand should check the latest availability at  www.london2020.co/floor-plan.

For those planning a trip to London, there is an excellent hotel booking facility – see the website www.london2020.co/hotels.

Philatelists from around the world are invited to become patrons to support the exhibition financially. Details can be found at www.london2020.co/supporters. One major new benefit is now available to patrons, namely a preferential rate on bookings at a nearby hotel. This offer is limited, and thus subject to availability. Anyone potentially interested in this offer should email patrons@london2020.co for further details. This offer is also available to existing patrons.

Sign up via www.london2020.co/mailchimp/ to receive newsletter updates about the progress of the exhibition and receive important announcements as they are made. Also encourage philatelic friends to sign up for this newsletter.