Presentation of the FEPA Awards

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno


Most of the FEPA Awards of the year were presented in Prague on occasion of the FEPA Congress, while some were already handed out and two will be  presented in November on occasion of  FEPA Exhibitions in Spain and Italy


FEPA Medal 2017 for exceptional service to organised philately: Ivan LIBRIC (Croatia)

Ivan Libric (in the middle) receiving the FEPA Medal for exceptional service to organised philately, with FEPA President José Ramón Moreno (left side) and FEPA Secretary Bojan Bracic (right)

FEPA Medal 2017 for exceptional support to organised philately: Raul MOREIRA (Portugal)

From left to right: Pedro Vaz Pereira, President of the Portuguese Federation of Philately and FEPA Honorary President, Dr. Raul Moreira with his Medal for exceptional support to organised philately and José Ramón Moreno, FEPA President, at the Hotel Clarion Congress Prague on the 16th of August.


FEPA Medal 2017 for exceptional philatelic study and research: Brian TROTTER (Great Britain) for “Southern African Mails, Routes, Rates and Regulations 1806 – 1916”, published by the Royal Philatelic Society London, 2016.

From left, José Ramón Moreno, Brian Trotter with his FEPA Medal for exceptional philatelic study and research, and Bojan Bracic, at the FEPA Congress.


A Certificate was awarded to the other finalists (listed in alphabetical order of the country):

Wolfgang Maassen (Germany), finalist for The mysterious Philip von Ferrari, Philatelist, Philanthrope and Cosmopolite. In the picture, Wolfgang Maassen in the centre with the FEPA President José Ramón Moreno on the left and the FEPA Secretary, Bojan Bracic on the right side.



John Daes (Greece), finalist for The Hellenic Postal Rates 1828-1875. In the photo Costas Chazapis (left)  who received the Certificate on behalf of Mr. Daes (right). The cover of the book “The Hellenic Postal Rates 1828-1875” is in the middle.


Gudlin Tamás and Csatlós Árpádné (Hungary), finalists for Cancellation of letter-collecting agencies, postal agencies and branch offices in Hungary (1788–2014). Karoly Szucs received the Certificates on behalf of the authors.


Emanuele M. Gabbini (Italy), finalist for “Postal Parcels”. The FSFI Congress at Milanofil 2018 on the 24th of March was the occasion for presenting the FEPA Certificate to Emanuele M. Gabbini (in the middle) by FEPA Vice-President Giancarlo Morolli (on the left) in presence of the President of the Italian Federation, Piero Macrelli (on the right).


Vasile Doros (Romania), finalist for “Impressionism, fascination and colour”. Leonard Pascanu, President of the Romanian Federation of Philately, received the Certificate representing the author.



Andrés Ordonez, Ángel Iglesias, FernandoAranaz, José Pedro Gómez-Aguero, Juan Panés and Miguel Ángel Garcia Fernandez, (Spain), finalists for “Illustrated Philatelic Dictionary” will receive their Certificates at the FEPA Exhibition “EXFILNA 2018” next November in Seville


FEPA Certificate of Appreciation 2017 for outstanding activities for the promotion of philately:


International Estonian Philatelic Society (REFS) “Estonia” (Estonia). The Certificate of Appreciation was handed out by the FEPA Board Member and Webmaster Ari Muhonen to Mr. Peter Sgirka on the 13th of July at the Opening Ceremony of the FEPA Exhibition ESTEX 2018 in Tallinn.

The Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain (Great Britain). On the 17th of August Birthe King, FEPA Director presented the Certificate to Yvonne Wheatley on behalf of the Society (Left photo). On the right photo, José Ramón Moreno, FEPA  President meets members of the Czechoslovak Philatelic Society of Great Britain at the dinner arranged by Milan Cernik and Hans van Dooremalen that was attended by 124 members of the Club from 8 countries at the beautiful Adria building in Prague.


Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare (Italy), will received its Certificate of Appreciation on occassion of the FEPA Exhibition ITALIA 2018 next November in Verona.


Briefmarkensammlerverein Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Germany). Dr. Richard Thomas, Chairman of the awarded philatelic society received the Certificate from the FEPA President, José Ramón Moreno in presence of FEPA Treasurer, Alfred Kunz at the FEPA Congress


Our warmest congratulations!