Proposal for change Regulations from The Royal Dutch Union of Stamp Clubs (KNBF)

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

21.11.2018 – KNBF: becomes a forerunner by amending its exhibition regulations

(rh) After many years, the Royal Dutch Union of Stamp Clubs (KNBF) has changed a number of essential elements of its exhibition regulations. It turns out that the KNBF is suddenly becoming a forerunner in exhibiting small collections in particular. These are small collections that until now have been excluded nationally and internationally. The KNBF hopes to receive the support of the FEPA and later the FIP on this point, so that the new rules can probably be implemented everywhere. Some time ago the same procedure (beginning with a trial) was – successfully – followed for exhibiting picture postcards.
The now announced changes will be introduced in early 2019, after changed regulations have been published on the KNBF’s website.
The most important changes are:
5.1 a Categories 2 and 3 will be merged into category 2. Collections that have not been exhibited before can now be submitted in this category.
5.5 e New! Small collections (larger than an exhibition frame, but smaller than the minimum per category) can be judged on trial. This assessment has national value only, but it is possible that FIP later on will adjust itself to the new rules. Until then it’s not yet possible to exhibit internationally. However, it is possible to promote from category 2 to category 1. For the time being, the assessment has no value for foreign national exhibitions. Until then it is not possible that someone who was judged in category 1 in the Netherlands, may exhibit in (for example) Belgium or Germany in category 1.
7.1 The system of Dutch points rating will be abolished. For both classes the FIP points rating system is applied.
8.5 In order to be admitted to category 1, a minimum of 75 points must have been obtained in category 2 with the collection. In order to be admitted internationally, one must first obtain eighty points or more in category 1 nationally.

Attention! In connection with the amendments of the KNBF exhibition regulations, it is still possible to register for the Dutch national exhibition “Gouda 2019” (categories 1 and 2, closing date 15 December 2019). See also

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