Sharing best practices

Nobody can do everything –
everybody can do something –
together we can do everything!


The goal with this new FEPA-initiative – “Sharing best Practices” is to help optimizing the outcome of the countless number of resources invested in carrying our wonderful hobby forward. Once a good idea has been born in one part of the philatelic world why not share it with others.

All “best practices” within philately will  be published – provided they are of common interest – on the FEPA News website and or in the printed magazine FEPA News. Please, send them to the President José Ramón Moreno (moreno (at) or webmaster Ari Muhonen (ari.muhonen (at)


1 Youth Philately
1.1 The World on Stamps – How to introduce children to stamps! v/Ib Krarup, Denmark. – Ref.: FN 18 page 69-71
1.2 How to introduce youth to Philately? The Slovenian Way. – Ref.:FN 20 page 71
1.3 Little Philatelic Workshop: Croatian Youth Philately at Brasiliana 2013. Ref.: FN 24 page 56-57
1.4 How to attract Children to Philately. – Ref.: FN 25 page 62-67


2 Philatelic exhibitions – latest development
2.1 First Czech – Slovak Philatelic Exhibition prejudged via EXPONET! v/ Vit Vanicek, Czech Rep.  – Ref.:  FN 19 page 70
2.2 Philatelic exhibition in the Zagreb Botanical Garden v/ Ivan Librić can be found here.
2.3 Experience with Virtual Pre-Judging using EXPONET. – Ref.: FN 20 page 72-73
2.4 Danish Motivsamlere 25 Year Anniversary. – Ref.: FN 24 page 58


3 Reaching out
3.1 Best Practice U.K. : Reaching out. Ref.: – FN 25 page 60-61
3.2 Unconventional use of an exhibit. – Ref.: FN 25 page 68