‘TREASURES OF WORLD PHILATELY’ Exhibition in Prague is going ahead.

Published on Author Bill Hedley


The Prestige Philately Club Prague has sent us the following information regarding its BIENNALE 2020 ‘TREASURES OF WORLD PHILATELY’ exhibition.

The exhibition will be held from November 7th to 22nd 2020 in the ceremonial halls on the 2nd floor of the National Museum in Prague. 80 to 100 individual rarities of extraordinary importance from the collections of members of PPCP, Club de Monte Carlo and Viennese Vindobona will be on display.

Large-scale exhibits are prepared, including the project “500 Years of Postal Services in Bohemia” and several others on the subject of classical philately, postal history and the history of philately.

The BIENNALE 2020 will be commenced at an opening ceremony on November 6th. Prominent figures have already received invitations to the opening of the exhibition, notably President of the Czech Republic Miloš Zeman, numerous cultural representatives, Czech Post, FIP and FEPA officials and, of course, the leaders of the participating clubs, exhibitors and members of the media. There will be a luxury exhibition catalogue published, the Czech Post is preparing a series of stamps, black prints and other products.








A series of commemorative Zero Euro banknotes will also be issued.

There will be an advertising and media campaign, both in relation to the BIENNALE 2020 and to philately in general. The entire event will be, of course, be covered generously by the media, there will be guided tours, VIP events, etc., as well as a TV documentary made for the exhibition.

For the first time in history, philately will be presented under the roof of our most important cultural institution. This is evidence of its increasing importance and relevance in the Czech socio-cultural environment. Most importantly, however, it offers a unique opportunity to further inspire the general public and raise awareness of the values, history and beauty of our field.

There are COVID restrictions in place in the Czech Republic but the exhibition spaces at the National Museum can hold up to 500 people with masks. At the time of writing individual visits to hotels and restaurants are unrestricted but masks are obligatory on public transport. International travel may be restricted. We are advised that these restrictions are subject to change at short notice.