FEPA is Associate Member of the Fédération Internationale de Philatelie (FIP). The participation of exhibitors in International FIP Exhibitions is regulated by the FIP GREX, GREV and SREV. FEPA may grant patronage, support or recognition to international exhibitions organized by the FEPA Member Federations.

The FEPA Regulations for Exhibitions (FREGEX) are governed in general by the GREX and these GREX are an integrated part of the regulations of the exhibitions of FEPA. In the same way the GREV and SREV and Guidelines for the duties and accreditation of National Commissioners appointed for FIP Exhibitions are also valid for European exhibitions.

These FREGEX as specified are applicable for exhibitions held by the FEPA Member Federations . The FREGEX should be consistent with the FIP regulations.

Chapter I – Objectives of the Exhibitions

  1. The exhibitions as described in these regulations have the following aims:
    1. to promote philately and stamp collecting in Europe and in the other countries within FEPA
    2. to develop the different classes of philately
    3. to promote philatelic research and studies of philately
    4. to create more interest in competitive exhibiting of philatelic collections
    5. to establish, develop and promote friendly and peaceful friendship between philatelists of all countries
    6. to promote the interest of young people in stamp collecting and philately as a way of cultural education and of making good use of their free time.

Chapter II – Categories of Exhibitions

  1. FEPA promotes the following philatelic exhibitions:
    1. Continental Exhibitions open to all FEPA Members and invited Federations from other continents.
    2. Multilateral Exhibitions with the participation of invited FEPA and non FEPA Members.
    3. National Exhibitions or Competitions of international interest recognized by FEPA.
  1. FEPA Patronage, support and recognition may be granted to the organizers
    1. FEPA Patronage or support for exhibitions as specified under 2.1. They are Continental Exhibitions. The awards are recognized at Continental level.
    2. FEPA Support or recognition for exhibitions as specified under 2.2 to 2.3. The awards are recognised on national level of the participants.
    3. Applications for patronage, support or recognition of FEPA must be forwarded in writing to FEPA 12 months prior to the exhibition.
    4. FEPA Patronage shall be granted by the FEPA Board and is subject to approval by the next FEPA Congress.
    5. FEPA Support and recognition shall be granted by the FEPA Board.
  1. Size of Exhibition
    1. for exhibitions under 2.2 – minimum 1.000 frames
    2. for exhibitions under 2.3 – minimum 500 frames
    3. for exhibitions under 2.4 – as per requirements
    4. On request of the organizers the minimum number of frames can be reduced by the FEPA Board because of very important reasons.

Chapter III – Exhibition Contributions

  1. Contribution for Patronage, Support and Recognition
    1. For obtaining patronage, support or recognition a fee has to be paid to FEPA. This contribution is set by the FEPA Congress upon proposal of the FEPA Board.
    2. If for important reasons there is no time to wait for the decision of the FEPA Congress the contribution can be set by the FEPA Board. This decision has to be confirmed by the next FEPA Congress.
    3. The payment of the contribution has to be made as specified by the FEPA Board when granting the patronage, support or recognition, but in any case before the opening of the exhibition.
    4. No contribution is charged for Youth Exhibitions.
  1. Contract or Agreement
    1. For exhibitions granted patronage a contract or agreement shall be signed between the Member Federation and / or the Exhibition Management.
    2. For exhibitions granted support or recognition the terms shall be confirmed in a letter of Agreement given by the FEPA Board.
    3. Should the Member Federation or the Exhibition Management not adhere to the obligations resulting from the granting of patronage, support or recognition, the FEPA Board has the right to withdraw at any time the patronage, support or recognition.

Chapter IV – Judging and Awards

  1. Judging
    1. Judging will be carried out in accordance with the GREX, GREV and SREV.
      For National Exhibitions as under 2.4 the national regulations may be valid.
  1. Jury
    1. For exhibitions granted patronage the jury will be composed as determined in the GREX, article 10.10.
    2. For exhibitions as mentioned in 3.1, 80% of the jury must be fully accredited by FIP. For exhibitions as mentioned in 3.2 the jury members must be fully accredited by their FEPA member Federations at a minimum of national level.
    3. The FEPA Board will maintain a list of two kinds of jurors:
      1. FIP Jurors from FEPA Member Federations
      2. FEPA Jurors
      3. FEPA Jurors will be jurors not accredited by FIP but appointed by the FEPA Board after successfully passing through FEPA Apprenticeship.
    4. The selection and nomination of the jury for exhibitions as mentioned in 3.1 that are granted Patronage or Support shall be done by the FEPA Consultant and the Exhibition Management.
    5. The composition of the number of jurors may be considered as follows:
      • 25 % from the organizing member federation
      • 50 % from the short list of juror’s nominations presented by FEPA members
      • 25 % by appointment of the FEPA Board.
    6. The organizing member Federation has the right to nominate the Jury President. The Jury Secretary and the Team Leaders will be appointed by the FEPA Consultant in agreement with the exhibition management.
      1. The Jury Secretary shall be appointed at least 12 months prior to the exhibition.
      2. The composition of the complete jury shall be finalized and published at least 9 months prior to the exhibition.
  1. Apprentice Jurors
    1. Apprentice Jurors may be nominated by the Member Federations by using a special form which is available at the end of this page. The nominees must be jurors fully accredited by the FEPA member Federation at a national level and should preferably have some experience in international judging.
    2. The nomination form shall clearly define the exhibition class and shall describe the judging experiences of the juror on national and international level and list attended FEPA and/or FIP jury training seminars.
    3. The apprentice nominee shall have exhibition experience in his class in competitions with an own exhibit which has been awarded a Vermeil medal (80 points) in an international exhibition with FIP Recognition.
    4. The FEPA Board shall decide in which exhibition the apprentice shall serve.
    5. Apprentice Jurors must participate in all jury work but without any right to vote in decisions for awards.
    6. The work of the apprentice shall be supervised and evaluated by a team leader appointed by the jury secretary. The team leader shall fill in an evaluation sheet with the conclusions. It shall be countersigned by the Jury Secretary.
    7. Subject to the result of the evaluation sheet the FEPA Board will take decision regarding the accreditation as FEPA Juror.
    8. Apprentice Jurors are not entitled to any reimbursements by the Exhibition Organizers. They have to pay all their expenses.
  1. Awards
    1. For exhibitions as mentioned in 3.1 the awards shall be assigned according to GREX and GREV. For the other exhibitions as mentioned in 3.2 the national or special regulations will be valid.
    2. Standard and uniform medals accompanied by a diploma indicating the medal level shall be awarded. The addition of rare metal to the medals is not obligatory.
    3. For exhibitions granted FEPA Patronage a FEPA Grand Prix shall be awarded. Details of the selection and awarding shall be given in the Special Regulations of the exhibitions (IREX).
    4. For exhibitions under 2.2 to 2.4 an exhibit can be selected as Best of its class and awarded a special prize.
    5. The jury may award special prizes donated to the exhibition without imposition of conditions. Exhibits selected for special prizes, however, should have received a minimum of 80 points.(For Youth exhibits minimum 70 points).
    6. The jury can express Felicitations to exhibits which show an outstanding philatelic research or originality. The reason must be mentioned in the diploma.
    7. The awards assigned to exhibits shall be shown by a sticker on the first exhibition frame as soon as the jury has released the awards list.
  1. Expert Team
    1. In exhibitions granted FEPA Patronage an expert team shall examine the exhibits as described in general in article 46 GREX.
    2. FEPA has its own Expert Committee and the members of the expert team shall be selected by the chairman of this committee.
    3. The expert team will be composed at least of two members. One member shall preferably be an expert of the National Federation organizing the exhibition.
  1. Privileges of Jurors
    1. All jurors in exhibitions as mentioned in 3.1 shall be granted the privileges as specified in article 35 and 36 GREX.
    2. The national regulations concerning privileges and reimbursement of expenses will be applied for exhibitions as mentioned in 3.2.
    3. All apprentice jurors shall be granted the privileges as specified in article 35.1 GREX.

Chapter V – Commissioners

    1. Commissioners serving for exhibitions as mentioned in 3.1 shall act according to the regulations of Section IV, Article 21 – 30 GREX.
    2. The FIP Guidelines for the duties and accreditation of National Commissioners shall also be valid for FEPA Exhibitions.
    3. The privileges and reimbursement of expenses for exhibitions as mentioned in 3.1 shall be granted according to GREX and Guidelines.
    4. For the exhibitions as mentioned in 3.2 the Special Regulations for such exhibitions will be ruling.

Chapter VI – FEPA Exhibition Consultant

    1. For all exhibitions under 2.2 the FEPA Board will appoint a FEPA Consultant. These Consultant’s task is the same as described in Section III. Article 20.1 to 20.10 GREX and he has to act in the same way.
    2. For all exhibitions under 2.3 to 2.4 the FEPA Board will appoint a FEPA Consultant who will have an advisory function only and who will be the contact person between the Exhibition Management and the FEPA Board.
    3. For exhibitions granted Patronage a contract or agreement shall be signed by the FEPA Consultant and the FEPA Member Federation and the Exhibition Management.
    4. All expenses for the FEPA Consultant must be covered by the Exhibition Management or member Federation according to Articles 20.6 and 20.7 GREX. Article 20.7 GREX is not a „must“ for exhibitions under 3.2 of these FREGEX.

Chapter – VII Final Provisions

    1. In case of any doubt in the interpretation of these FREGEX only the FEPA Board has the competence to clarify the interpretation.
    2. Exceptions of the provisions of these FREGEX may only be made by the FEPA Board.
    3. In the event of any discrepancies in the text arising from translation, the English text shall prevail.
  1. Approval and Validity
    1. These FREGEX were approved at the FEPA Congress on 1st September 2002 in Amsterdam and changed at the FEPA Congress on 5th October 2013 in Madrid. They take effect immediately after this Congress.