Alexander Ilyushin – 75 Years! A life devoted to philately

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

75th birth anniversary of the Honorary President of Union of Philatelists of Russia and famous Russian collector Alexander Ilyushin

In 1992, Alexander Ilyushin became the first president of the Union of Philatelists of Russia. He was in this post for 17 years. This year he was awarded the title of Honorary President of the Union of Philatelists of Russia for outstanding achievements in the development of national philately by the decision of the VII Congress of the Union of Philatelists of Russia. Since 1988, he has been constantly working as a jury member at FIP philatelic exhibitions and as a national Commissioner.  . Alexander was repeatedly awarded medals of the highest esteem at many world and international philatelic exhibitions for his exhibits. Since 1988, he has been constantly working as a jury member at the FIP philatelic exhibitions. As a delegate from Russia he took part in the work of 8 FFPA congresses for a quarter of a century. In many respects, thanks to his energy and work, the first World Philatelic Exhibition “Moscow 1997” was successfully held in Russia, and then the second – “St. Petersburg 2007”. Alexander Ilyushin is a member of many foreign philatelic societies.

The popularization of philatelic knowledge in the new time was continued by him by creating the almanac “Postal stationary and postal history” and the collection “The Collector”, the quality of publications in which today corresponds to the world level. He compiled and published a unique catalog “Postal stationery of the Russian Empire”.

The merits of Alexander Ilyushin in organizing annual of national philatelic exhibitions are great, and it was especially during his leadership of the Union of Philatelists of Russia that the quality of Russian exhibits at international exhibitions improved significantly.

Let’s wish to Alexander Ilyushin strong health, good mood and new successes in his favorite hobby!


Alexey Borodin