Competition for ‘Best Europa Stamps – The Collector’s Choice’ opens on 25 October

Published on Author Bill Hedley


We received this notice from Niall Murphy:

I want to bring to your attention an online contest I have developed with a group of well-known enthusiasts: “Best Europa Stamps – The Collector’s Choice 2020”. This is a totally non-profit contest aimed at raising general awareness of philately.

This contest, now in its third year, is held towards the end of the year so that as many of the EUROPA countries as possible have an opportunity to release their stamps and to participate. We also allow all of the EUROPA stamps issued to compete and we allow multiple countries to be selected.

The “Best Europa Stamps – The Collector’s Choice 2020” contest starts on October 25 and will be held in 5 groups. Each of the first 4 groups will include 16 countries, 64 countries in total. The 5th and final group will include the top 4 from each of the previous groups. The voting for each group will last for 14 days and the top 3 final winners will be announced on December 31. You can see a live preview of the contest group 1 here:

It is open to everyone. Have a look and give your votes.