Elected the new Board of the Austrian Federation. Mag. Helmut Kogler and Ing. Alfred Kunz were re-elected President and Vice-President respectively

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Left photo, President Mag. Helmut Kogler. Right photo, Vice-President Ing. Alfred Kunz 

The new Board of the Austrian Federation — Verband Österreichischer Philatelisten-Vereine, was elected on Friday, 20th of September 2019 by the members of the Austrian Philatelic clubs.

The new Board is formed as follows:


President                                                 Mag. Helmut Kogler                                                  as before

Vice-President                                         Ing. Alfred Kunz                                                        as before

Secretary                                                 Mag. Erich Böck                                                        as before

Deputy Secretary                                    Gerhard Winter

Treasurer                                                Horst Horin                                                                  as before

Deputy Treasurer                                   Friedrich Pölz                                                              as before

Finance                                                  Herbert Robisch

Exhibitions national / international         Ing. Alfred Kunz

Youth                                                     Mag. Erich Böck

Total philately / commissions                    Horst Horin

Judiciaries and collector protection         Dr. Christoph Wiesinger                                            as before


No longer in the board:


Jaromir Matejka                           former deputy secretary

Dr. Wolfgang Weigel                    former responsible for total philately / commissions

Sybille Pudek                               former responsible for youth

Mag. Wolfgang Schubert             former responsible for exhibitions


Please sent in the future all information’s


Best regards,

Alfred Kunz – Vice president VÖPh


Our warmest congratuations and best wishes for success