Estonia 2020 welcomes exhibits from all over the world

Published on Author Ari Muhonen


Tartu is waiting for the opening of the Estonia 2020 philatelic exhibition. Another philatelic exhibition organized by REFS “Estonia” will take place in Tartu between July 10 and 12, 2020. The traditions of the association’s philately exhibition date back to 1936. It is important to follow them even in difficult times.

The 27th Philatelic Exhibition Estonia 2020 will be held in Tartu from 10 to 12 July 2020 at the Estonian National Museum. More information can be found at

Considering the current situation, the deadline for submitting applications for the exhibition has been extended to 15 June. The organizers of the exhibition will change the IREX rules accordingly. The exhibition is now open to all applicants who have previously received at least 70 points at a national exhibition. Applications can be sent to

Estonia will gradually open up to the world after the COVID-19 outbreak. From 1 June, members of 25 EU (Austria, Bulgaria, Netherland, Horvatia, Island, Italy, Greece, Cypros, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Latvia. Malta, Norway, Poland, France, Rumenia, Germany, Slovakia, Finlandia, Switzerland, Denmark, Chech Republic, Hungaria) countries can enter Estonia without restrictions. The list is updated weekly. The rule is less than 15 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 2 weeks. Air connections to major European airports are recovering.

Each participant will be awarded a medal including the youth class. Eesti Post has completed a design of a postal stationery dedicated to the exhibition. During the exhibition is opening temporary postal Office with special cachet.

The second official RPSL meeting in Estonia will take place during the exhibition.

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Kaido Andres


Medal of the Estonia 2020 exhibition


Postal stationery published by the Eesto Post for the exhibition.