Fast and Ecological Deliveries

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

These are guaranteed by the Zurich-based Notime, 51% of which has now been acquired by Swiss Post. The employees speed through the city using bicycles

A “booming” market, which “meets the customers’ need for increasingly fast and flexible delivery in the urban area”. It is the one characterized by the bicycle couriers that guarantee interventions in just a few hours.

It is not by chance that Swiss Post took over 51% of Notime, a technology company based in Zurich, founded in December 2014 and specializing in the sector. It has developed a platform that online merchants can easily connect to; it allows them, for example, to automate the entire process, from order submission to laps planning, to delivery.

With this move, the “yellow giant” currently occupies a niche segment, but “has all the prerogatives to develop a significant market share in the near future”. Customers increasingly want to receive the ordered goods on the same day.

It is precisely in the cities and in the agglomerations “that a fast and more ecological delivery represents a decisive competitive advantage”, notes the head of Postlogistics Dieter Bambauer.

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