FEPA Awards 2018 winners

Published on Author Ari Muhonen

The recipients of the FEPA awards are:


FEPA Medal 2018 for exceptional service to organized philately


Pedro Vaz Pereira has been chairing the Philatelic Federation of Portugal since 1987 and also served as FEPA President from 2001-2009. As an outstanding collector and student of Portuguese philately, and author of important publications and exhibits, he has led the organisation of a large number of important exhibitions, at national and international level: among them, the unforgettable Portugal 2010 in Lisbon. His international career has been constantly marked by enthusiasm and dedication in favour of European philately, testified by FEPA NEWS, which he relaunched in 2002 transforming a small photocopied bulletin issued now and then into the present magazine.


FEPA Medal 2018 for exceptional support to organised philately:


Mr. Modesto Fraguas Herrera, currently Director of Philately of the Spanish Post, has always provided a remarkable support for Philately. Since 2000 he has been engaged in the development and the organisation of four FIP exhibitions and eight exhibitions with FEPA sponsorship. His efforts in huge program of philately in schools should also be highlighted.


FEPA Medal 2018 for exceptional philatelic study and research:
KÁROLY SZÜCS (Hungary) for “Fiscal Philately of Hungary”



This colorful work is a comprehensive handbook and price catalogue in 400 pages of all fiscal stamps issues of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the Compromise in 1867 and continues with the Hungarian issues from 1867 to fill the gap in English language literature in philatelic knowledge on this topic. It is a result of extraordinary long and deep research of the author.

A Certificate has been awarded to the runners-up (listed in alphabetical order of the country):

  • Heinz Wewer (Germany) for “Abgereist, ohne Angabe der Adresse“
  • Carlo Doria (Italy) as project coordinator of “La Filatelia tematica racconta la Grande Guerra”
  • Hans Vogels (Poland) for “The Polish Post in the Free City of Danzig 1920 – 1939. Part IV” (cover)
  • Jeffrey Stone – Kaj Hellman (United Kingdom) for Agathon Faberge – Portrait of a Philatelist.



FEPA Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding activities for the promotion of philately:
  • Associazione Italiana Storia Postale (AISP), Italy
  • Stavanger Filatelist-Klub (SFK), Norway
  • National Club of Collectors of the Registration Labels and Stamps, Poland
  • The Philatelic Society of Liublijana, Slovenia.





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