International Estonian Philatelic Society (REFS) ”Estonia”

This year it will be 100 years since the first appearance of the Estonian stamp. Estonian philatelists are celebrating this with an international philately exhibition EstEx2018. As the previous exhibitions, EstEx 2018 will be organized by the club International Estonian Philatelic Society (REFS) ” Estonia”.

The club has been active for years in the frontlines of Estonian philately with their exhibitions and magazine issues ”Eesti Filatelist”. The club members have actively represented Estonian the exhibitions which have the recognition of FEPA and FIP.

The Estonian Philatelic Society has the honour to present and support the nomination for his decades of propagandizing philately and organizing exhibitions. Society was established in 1931. The activity of the society was restored in 1991 after regaining independence. The society has formed to be one of the most active conductors of philately and its professional work in Estonia. At this moment the society has 106 members. Some of the members are from 6 other countries. The society is an organization which covers all of Estonia. It is developing its activities all over Estonia. The annual philately exhibition is being held in different places. With it propagandizing philately even in the smallest of places. The society also holds annual summer gathering for the Friends of Estonian Philately with and exhibition. In these events, friends of the Estonian philately are being gathered from all over the world. Last year there were participants from 6 other countries. This year in Tallinn, with the recognition of FEPA, there will be held an international exhibition called EstEx2018. In the last years, the members of the society have actively taken part in presenting Estonian philately in international exhibitions, which have been recognized by FEPA and FIP. Philatelic almanac “EestiFilatelist” are being given out by the society. The first number of the periodical carne out in the year1955 in the USA. In recent years the journal has been issued out by the society “Estonia”.