Chris King

Chris King is one of the leading philatelists of his generation and has made a major contribution to just about every aspect of philately. He has been President of the Royal Philatelic Society London and has played a central role in every aspect of the recent project to move the Society to new premises in the City of London. He also oversees the Society’s collections including the Museum of Philatelic History. He is a Member of the Board of Election to the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists and has produced several Large Gold Medal exhibits as well being an international juror. He has also received many awards including the European Parliament’s Medal for Philately and the Lichtenstein Award. He is an inveterate traveller and has visited and given encouragement to philatelists in many countries around the world. His approach is always innovative and stimulating and he represents the best traditions of philately as a centre of excellence and a channel for bringing people of all nations together.