Raul Moreira, Director of Philatelic Department of the Portuguese Post

During more 35 years Raul Moreira has been supporting the philatelic activities in Portugal and also in the world.

  • He was during many years President of WADP- World Association for Development of Philately, doing a fantastic work supporting the philatelic world.
  • He was the main supporter of the European Exhibition “PORTUGAL-98”
  • He also was the main supporter of the World Exhibition “PORTUGAL-2010”
  • He supported a lot of National Exhibitions with International participation of European countries, asyou can check reading the Filatelia Lusitana and FEPA NEWS.
  • In Portugal he is supporting the Portuguese Philately in the last 35 years, helping the organization of Exhibitions, the Portuguese clubs, the publication of literature, issue of postcards and many other philatelic things.
  • He is also supporting the Youth, given to the Portuguese Federation the possibility to work withthem.
  • He is also very well known about the issue of stamps, which have won a lot of international prizes.Raul Moreira is in reality one of the best world supporter of the philately and his activity gave a big profit to the philately in the world.