FEPA News No 09, May 2006


FEPA Inform: AIJP News; FEPA Awards 2005; Joseph Wolff - the FEPA candidate to FIP President; Herbert H. Moll; Minutes of the FEPA Board meeting Lisbon 21st January 2006; Social philately & special studies6
News from Austria, Byelorussia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slivenia, Spain, Turkey19
FIP Statutes and GREX proposals of FIP - FEPA President comments42
Exhibitions: WIPA 2008; Belgica '06; Maxifrance 2005; Alpe-Jadran Fila 2006; Espana 06; Habana'06NABA Baden '06; OLPHILA 200653
Articles: Philatelic songs and the "hymn to the stamp" by Pandelis Leoussis; Exponet - virtual philatelic exhibition by Milan Cernik77
Open class: Open class recent experiences by the FEPA Open Class Working Team Bojan Bracic, Gunnar Dahlvig and José Ramón Moreno83
Youth corner: European project for youth collections & collectors E.P.Y.C.C. by Eddy van Vaeck84
Literature corner85