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The Specialized World Stamp Exhibition PRAGA 2018 with the FIP patronage and the FEPA recognition was held on the occasion of celebrations of:

  • the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Czechoslovak Republic (1918-2018),
  • the 100th anniversary of the issue of the first Czechoslovak stamp,
  • the 100th anniversary of the end of the World War I.




PRAHATV made a broad coverage of “PRAGA 2018”, informing also of the Opening Ceremony that was held at the impressive Art Nouveau building “Obecní dum” (Municipal House). The cutting of the ribbon was done, from left to right in the photo by José Ramón Moreno, FEPA President; Tay Peng Hian, FIP President; Roman Knap, CEO of Ceska Posta, General Partner of PRAGA 2018 and Vit Vanicek, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of PRAGA 2018. Were assisted by Ms Andrea Neri (first on the left) and Ms Kelly Ong (first on the right).



Opening Speeches of Vit Vanicek, Tay Peng Hian,


José Ramón Moreno and Roman Knap, who in the name of Ceska Posta declared opened Praga 2018

The Organizing Committee kindly offered a very enjoyable dinner to all those involved in the exhibition.






In these pictures, Francisc Ambrus, Leonard Pascanu, Emanoil-Alexandru Savoiu, Elihau Weber, Mrs Weber, Teddy Suarez, Ms Suarez, Rafael Acuña, Bruno Crevato-Selvaggi, Jose Pedro Gomez-Aguero, Mrs Gomez-Aguero, Mrs Casielles, Miguel Casielles, Eliseo Ruben Otero,  Kelly Ong, Andrea Neri, Bernard Jimenez, Mrs Jimenez, Mrs Macedo, Reinaldo Macedo, Prakob Chirakiti, Mrs Beston, Bernie Beston, Jose Ramon Moreno, Tay Peng Hian, Yu An Chen, Mrs Yu An Chen, Young Kil Kim,  Patrick Choi, Mrs Tono Putranto, Tono Putranto, Mao-Hsin Lin, Yu An Chen Jr. , Miss Yu An Chen, Yu An Chen, Jukka Makinen, Mrs Tuori, Jussi Tuori, José Ramón Moreno, Alexander Ilyushin, Eugenijus Uspuras, Sergey Evtushenko, Arie Zonjee, Jozef Ghys, Sherif Samra, Joss Wolff, Alexandru Bartoc, Ms Bartoc and Tamaki Saito, amongst others.

PRAGA 2018 was organized by Svaz českých filatelistů, z.s. (Union of Czech Philatelists) through the entity Spolek Světová výstava poštovních známek PRAGA 2018, z.s. (PRAGA 2018 World Stamp Exhibition Association), established for this purpose.


The “Postovní Muzeum” and the Literature team. From left to right, Yigal Nathaniel, Yu An Chen, José Ramón Moreno and Aldo Samamé. Not in the picture the Apprentice Juror Jirí Sedlák.


Before the official opening, the Literature Class was already judged at the very interesting Czech Postal Museum. 128 excellent books, magazines and catalogs participated. Once evaluated many interested philatelist went to the Postal Museum to look at the publications.

The exhibition was open to the visitors from the 15th August 2018 to the 18th August 2018.  The exhibition was held at the Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague, with 379 exhibits from 68 countries shown over 1,500 exhibition frames. The Literature Class and the Youth Program were at the Postal Museum.


It was wonderful looking at the daily long queue of the enthusiastic stamp lovers patiently waiting for their turn to enter the Exhibition and their appreciation to enjoy the competitive exhibits.  Furthermore, the most impressing was their willingness to pay 12 Euros every day for the admission tickets.


The Media and the visitors were looking for the Bombay Cover and the Blue Mauritius amongst other World Rarities. Highly interested visitors were constantly looking at the frames.



There were   as Non-Competitive Classes the Court of Honour and Invited Exhibits an then as Competitive Classes: Class 1. Traditional Philately A/ Czechoslovakia – National Class B/ Europe C/ America D/ Asia, Oceania and Africa. Class 2. Postal History A/ Czechoslovakia – National Class B/ Europe C/ America D/ Asia, Oceania and Africa Class 3. Philatelic Literature. Class 4. One Frame Exhibits.  Class 5. Modern Philately. Class 6. Open Philately and Class 7. Revenues

                                                        Official Commissioners photo


Views of the Commissioners meetings                       


                                                     Official Jurors photo


The jurors at work

The jury evaluated 379 Exhibits of very high quality, demonstrated by the awarding of 38 Large Gold Medals and 64 Gold Medals. The Expert Group removed from the frames 60 items for closer examination and the recommendations of the Expert Group was: For 11 items No action required. For 49 items has to be certified. None was requested not to be exhibited again.


The dealers were also busy, with Christoph Gärtner Auctions as Main Commercial Partner of PRAGA 2018.

Youth Philatelic Program. The Prague Postal Museum currently showed the Scout exhibition under the “Pass the Information. The Czech Scout Mail and the other Stories” Slogan being organized in co-operation with the Scout Association, the Scout Institute and with a support of the Ministry of Culture. The exhibition will continue after “PRAGA 2018” until Oct. 28, 2018.


During the PRAGA exhibition days the Prague Postal Museum expanded the temporary exhibition by the additional activities for hundreds of children up to 16 years visiting the facility and enjoying the program. Both young & older visitors participated in the wheel of fortune, the pairs, looking for stamp differences, scout selfie, working with the postage stamps or visit the autograph session of the famous Youtubers .

There were many other events, seminars, meetings and interesting activities on occasion of PRAGA 2018. Some of them will be reported here in separate News.



The Palmares was held at the magnificent Stella Hall of the National Palace at the Square of the Peace. Right photo, Mrs Natasa and Veni Ferant kind collaborator sending his excellent photos.





Vit Vanicek, Chairman of Praga 2018, presented commemorative medals to the main sponsors and collaborators.


Christoph Gärtner was a protagonist, being awarded with two Gold Medals at the competition and making generous donations for the development of philately.


Left, Klerman Wanderley Lopez Vice-President of the Jury from America presenting his Gold Medal to Miguel Casielles. Right photo, handing over their Gold Medals to Benito González Bugallo and Wolfgang Maassen.


Jury Vice-President from Europe, Jussi Tuori ,handing over the Gold Medals awarded to Birthe King (Left) and Yvonne Wheatley Right).


Prakob Chirakiti, Vice-President of the Jury from Asia, congratulating Rolf-Dieter Jaretzky for his Large Gold Medal and to Ángel Láiz, for his two Large Gold Medals, Special Prizes and winner of the Literature Class.


FEPA President, José Ramón Moreno, presenting the Large Gold Medal to Walter Britz and to Everaldo Santos, Large Gold Medal and Candidate to the Grand Prix International.


Left photo: The Secretary to the Jury, Lars Engelbrecht who lead in a most efficient and smooth way the jury work, reading the Jury Report. Right photo. From left, Prakob Chirakiti,  Yigal Nathaniel showing the sealed envelope containing the secret vote of the jury for the Grand Prizes National and International, and  Lars Engelbrecht


Left: Elihau Weber, President of the Jury, presented the trophy to the winner of the Grand Prix National of “PRAGA 2018”, Vit Vanicek. Right, Tay Peng Hian, FIP President handing over the Grand Prix International to Joseph Hackmey.


Eliahu Weber, the two Grand Prix winners with their trophies and those who presented it. From left to right, Vit Vanicek, Tay Peng Hian, Joseph Hackmey and Elihau Weber.


FEPA President José Ramón Moreno presented the FEPA Honorary  Plate and the Honorary Certificate to Vit Vanicek, Chairman of “PRAGA 2018” congratulating him for the great success of the exhibition.

The Ceremony of the FIP Flag that goes from “PRAHA 2018” to “THAILAND 2018” next November.


Above, the main responsible of achieving such great exhibition

Great applause for all those who have made possible “PRAGA 2018”


The exhibition Catalogue and the two Bulletins remain available in the electronic form of pdf documents at the PRAGA website 

Here you can read or download the whole Palmares by class or by country in PDF file.