Complete FEPA Seminars on Picture Postcards

Published on Author José Ramón Moreno

On occasion of “Praga 2018” were held many appealing events. We will post here quite a few of them of them. Now, the FEPA Seminars on Picture Postcards presented in front of a very interested audience by Birthe King, Bojan Bracic and José Ramón Moreno , with the whole PowerPoint Presentations availables for downloading.
José Ramón Moreno made an Introductory presentation explaining the key points of the new Class for both Collectors and Jurors. Then Birthe King did the main Seminar and finally Bojan Bracic exposed his Experiences on Judging Picture Postcards in Slovenia.
It is expected that the next Seminar on Picture Postcards would be presented by Alfred Kunz on “Techniques of Impression”.


         José Ramón Moreno in his Introductory Seminar about the essential points of a PP exhibit.



                                    Birthe King presented the main Seminar.



              Bojan Bracic explained his experiences when judging the PP exhibits.


Here you can download all three Presentations:


2 BKz Picture Postcards Prague 2018.08.17 BK

3 BB Some Experiences at Judging Picture Postcards Exhibits in